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Can-Am Defender is Refined for 2020

The Can-Am Defender is Refined For 2020.


The Can-Am Defender is Refined For 2020. The Defender line gets elevated capabilities, redesigned comfort levels for the occupants, advanced the internal and external protection and refined styling.

To ensure the new Defender HD10 is more comfortable than ever, the vehicle now has the industry’s quietest
1000c V-twin engine. A thicker firewall acts as an improved sound and heat barrier between the occupant
and engine components. A new low-sound exhaust system has a unique smooth low intensity with its own
distinct sound. Recalibration in the CVT reduced shift line by 500 RPM resulting in quieter operation under
heavy acceleration. For smoother operation to equal the reduce sound output, the driving mode reduces power.
Speaking of power, the more powerful 82hp Defender Rotax HD10 engine also received a new cylinder head
to increase airflow. It offers an industry-leading 69 lb-ft of torque or massive low-end towing strength.

The Can-Am Defender is Refined For 2020.

Raising the bar on vehicle protection, Can-Am added a rugged front steel bumper and upper bumper plate. The
heavy-duty XT bumper was strengthened to ensure durability in extreme use while looking bold. The revised
Dual Phase steel frame was reinforced and lightened (-5-lbs.), offering up to 30% more rigidity. Another critical
feature on the 2020 Defender SSVs is their enhanced ride quality. This was achieved with a new suspension
calibration and also new front and rear 64-in. arched A-arms that providing extra clearance for obstacle crossings.
A new brake holding mechanism improves operation on hills.

The enhanced styling, complete with a new fascia, redesigned grill and hood, gives the Defender a signature
Can-Am look. Inside the cockpit, certain Defender vehicles feature either a new 4.5-in. digital display or 7.6-in.
display with keypad (X mr, XT-P and Lone Star) for a more polished look and easier reading.

The Can-Am Defender is Refined For 2020.



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