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Monumental Stage Victory for Sara Price


Here’s the latest from the Can-Am team at the 2024 Dakar Rally including a Monumental Stage Victory for Sara Price! Today’s stage 10 loop in Alula was a testament to the skill, determination, and indomitable spirit of the racers.
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Monumental Stage Victory for Sara PriceSSV Category: Sara Price’s Milestone Victory

Sara Price achieved a monumental victory, winning her first Dakar Stage and joining the exclusive ranks of Jutta Kleinschmidt and Cristina Gutiérrez as one of the few women to accomplish this feat.

Despite Yasir Seaidan leading for most of the stage, a costly delay at km 307 allowed Price to seize the stage win.
Sara Price is now tantalizingly close, at just 20’26”, to realizing her dream of winning the Dakar Rally. Her performance continues to inspire and captivate fans worldwide.
Monumental Stage Victory for Sara Price
Challenger Category: The Lithuanian Resurgence

Rokas Baciuška showcased exceptional driving, propelling him within a striking distance of a podium spot, only 9 minutes behind teammate Chaleco Lopez.
Despite mechanical setbacks early in the race, Rokas has demonstrated that perseverance and Lithuanian pride can lead to remarkable comebacks.
The battle between Chaleco and Rokas for the third spot on the podium is set to be a gripping narrative in the stages to come.
As we head into the last stages of the rally, the excitement only intensifies. Let’s rally behind our competitors as they face the challenges ahead and race towards glory.
Liaison > 107 km – Special > 480 km
Stage 11 stands as the ultimate test of the second week, with its capability to redefine the standings across all categories. Spanning nearly 500 kilometers, the majority of the stage unfolds over desolate and rough landscapes, posing the final endurance test for the riders. Car drivers, who previously endured hardships in stage 2, should brace themselves for this segment. It is anticipated to be a stage with a high risk of punctures, potentially the most in this edition of the rally.