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2024 YXZ1000R UTV Build

Part I: The right mods to run big tires without long travel


It is astonishing just how much aftermarket support exists out there for the more common UTVs on the market. The YXZ1000R has been around long enough where you can upgrade just about everything on the car. From wild engine modifications that can push the YXZ platform to 2-3x its stock power level (or more), to crazy long-travel suspension kits that add big amounts of wheel travel – someone makes it. We have tested a lot of modified YXZ’s over the years, and built quite a few as well, but there is one thing we have never done – build one around a 32-inch tire. We set out to see if the refreshed 2024 YXZ1000R and its new 6-speed Auto Shift transmission were up to the task of spinning a 10% larger than OEM tire, and managed to turn it into a desert missile in the process.

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2024 YXZ1000R UTV Build

2024 YXZ1000R UTV Build
The YXZ1000R SS XT-R looks great in this color scheme, especially with those big High Lifter Chicane LT 32-inch tires.

We started with the tire. Our friends at High Lifter Tire & Wheel reached out and said they were launching a new Chicane LT 10-inch wide radial. We ordered up a set of 32x10R15 tires wrapped around HL23 beadlock wheels, with a 5+2 offset front and rear. To step up to this tire size, we knew we would have to make some chassis modifications. In stock trim, the YXZ sits low and rides tight, which wouldn’t work out well with a big tire size change like this. 


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32x10R15 Chicane LT 8-ply tire, $249.95 each ($1,249.75 for 5)
HL23 15×7 Matte Black Aluminum Beadlock Wheel, $261.20 each ($1,306 for 5)
Total $2,555.75

Stock YXZ Front Tire

29x9R14 Maxxis Carnage

47.6 lbs (mounted)

Bighorn 44.5 lbs (mounted)

32 x10R15 High Lifter Chicane LT

56.8 lbs (mounted)

Stock YXZ Rear Tire

29x11R14 Maxxis Carnage

52.2 lbs (mounted)

Bighorn 48.7 lbs (mounted)

32 x10R15 High Lifter Chicane LT

56.8 lbs (mounted)

2024 YXZ1000R UTV Build
Large and in charge – the Chicane LT features a narrow 10-inch carcass, which helps keep weight in check.