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Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review

Over 1000+ Miles Tested On Our RZR Pro R 4!


Man, UTVs have gotten massive. This industry’s George Washington, the Yamaha Rhino 660, wore 25 inch tires back in his day. Only 20 short years later, massive 35 inch tires have become commonplace. This is absurd to think about – just over ten years ago, we were working on a race team that ran a Class One car, and it had 35-inch tires on it. Today, we present to you a fairly stock Polaris RZR Pro R with a set of massive Valor Alpha 35 inch tires, and it required no modifications to get them to fit. Check out our Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review.

Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review

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Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review
The Alphas drive straight and true, but would benefit from a balancing at higher speeds. Most modern UTVs have rock scrapers bolted to the knuckle that would interfere with most stick-on style wheel weights.

Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review

The Valor Alpha UTV tire is available in three sizes – 30×9.5R14, 32x10R15, and 35x10R15. We chose the largest set as a means to see what a RZR Pro R 4 seater feels like on such a big tire, so Valor sent us a set wrapped around their beautiful V06 beadlock wheel. The Tire is beefy, contains a ton of tread material, and has huge amounts of sidewall armor. It is clear that Valor valued toughness over weight savings for this model, but they did help make up for it with the wheel. 

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Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review

Product Specifications:

Valor Offroad
Alpha UTV Tire, 35x10R15 Size ($399.00 EA)

Size: 35x10R15

Rating: 8 Ply 

Measures: 35.1” at 15 psi

Weight: 57.5 lbs

Valor V06 Beadlock UTV Wheel, 15×8 40mm ($304.00 EA)

Lug Pattern: 5×114.3 

Size: 15×8, 40mm backspace

Weight: 16.7 lb

Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review
35’s on a Pro R – a dream for ground clearance.

The V06 beadlock only weighs 16.7 pounds per corner, but the massive 35 inch meats clocked our scales at 57.8 pounds each. This came out to a combined weight of 74.5 pounds per corner. The stock Maxxis Rampage Fury tire and non-beadlock aluminum wheel weighs 55 pounds, equating to a weight increase of 19.5 pounds per corner. This is a  35% increase in unsprung weight, something we knew might really hamper the Pro R’s playful nature.

Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review

We were only sort of correct in our assumptions. While the increase in tire size is noticeable from the first time you climb into it, the change far from kills the experience. The Pro R does not care that we bolted a 35-inch tire to it; in fact, it can still roast all four tires whenever you want to. You can tell the difference in the rotational mass as it smooths out the power character of the Pro R ever so slightly, almost like a very slight flywheel weight. The ProStar four cylinder has more than enough grunt to move the 35 inch Valor Alphas, and the steering feels like it is also up to the task. Of course, the move to such a dramatically larger tire will have a negative effect on the lift of the wheel end components and surrounding suspension parts, but it is a trade-off some customers are willing to put up with for the change in driving character.

Driving hard in the desert, the 35 inch tire really starts to show its benefits. It masks small holes, rocks, and bumps like a ride quality filter, only transmitting the really hard square-edged impacts or big holes through. Rolling up and over rocky obstacles was a breeze, and the Pro R’s low range is more than adequate for the big tire. The whole car feels like it was developed with room for a 35 inch version, so we are excited to see if that ever becomes a reality. For now, take comfort in the fact that Valor has effectively picked the Pro R another 1.5 inches up off the ground. Couple that with the new Eibach Springs on our Project Pro R 4, and you can practically walk under the car. 

Wear new vs after 1100 miles on the Valor Alpha UTV tires.

Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review

Now, here’s where things get really sweet. We have logged over 1100 miles on these Valor Alpha UTV tires, and they still look nearly new. We have experienced no punctures or tears. One driver even hit a rock with the sidewall hard enough where he was sure he was going to have a flat. Much to his surprise, the sidewall armor did its job and protected the carcass. That was 800 miles ago, and we have yet to encounter so much as a slow leak. 

In our Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review, the Valor Alpha tires have been heavy, but absolutely tough as nails. The Pro R is more than up to the task of carrying the weight, and the ride quality, ground clearance, and bump absorption capabilities are incredible. For rocks and desert running, these 35 inch Valor Alpha tires are certainly UTV Off-Road recommended. 

Valor Alpha 35 Inch Tire Review.