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Maxima Maintenance Products


It’s no secret that Maxima USA is one of our favorite maintenance product companies. We use their oils, lubes, aerosols and cleaning products nearly every time we prep a UTV for an adventure. Most people recognize Maxima for their popular Contact Cleaner and SC1 aerosols, as well as their long-lasting Waterproof Grease, but did you know they offer UTV-specific oil kits and full synthetic diff and trans fluids? Check out these great Maxima Maintenance Products. 

Maxima Maintenance Products

SXS Synthetic – Liter / 33.8oz, 10W-50

Maxima Maintenance Products

Full Synthetic , ester-fortified 4 stroke engine oil.

Options: 0W-40, 10W-50, 5W-40, & 5W-50.

Price: $16.99

SXS Premium – Liter / 33.8oz 10W-40 

Maxima Maintenance Products

Mineral based 4-Stroke engine oil. 

Options: 10W-40

Price: $11.99

SXS Can-Am Oil Change Kit 10W-50 Full Synthetic Maverick X3

Can-Am kit includes all products necessary to complete an oil change on your SXS. 

Price: $84.99

SXS Quick Change Kit – 10W-50 Polaris Turbo

2019 + RZR XP Turbo model complete oil change. 

Price: $64.99

SXS SYN Gear – Liter / 33.8oz, 75W-90

Full Synthetic, ester-based gear oil specifically formulated for hypoid-type differentials. 

Options: 75W-90, 75W-140

Price: $25.99

SXS Drive – 16oz / 47ml 

For use in Polaris Ranger, RZR and Sportsman front drives, differentials and hubs calling for Polaris Demand Drive Fluid.

Price: $9.99

SXS Trans – Liter / 33.8oz

Maxima Maintenance Products

Mineral based transmission fluid. Not designed for hypoid-type gear cases. 

Price: $11.99

DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Price: $7.99