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Maxxis UTV Tire Guide


This Maxxis UTV Tire Guide showcases the wide range of Maxxis UTV tires. Maxxis, who also makes tires for cars, trucks, trailers, bicycles, golf carts, lawn mowers, etc., has some of the best UTV tires on the market and they’re found on many showroom UTV models. Not only do they have great OEM replacement tires, but they also have genre-specific tread for everything from rock crawling, desert racing, mud bogging and everything in between.

Maxxis UTV Tire Guide
Cody and Hunter Miller use Maxxis Roxxzilla tires to tackle the legendary King of the Hammers event in Johnson Valley, California. Photo: Adam Campbell Photography

Maxxis UTV Tire Guide


Designed for extreme rock crawling and off-road racing.

Sizes: 30×10-14 to 35×10-15

Price: $249.00 to $489.00


Maxxis UTV Tire Guide

For hard pack and desert terrain.

Sizes: 30×10-14 to 33×10-15

Price: $371.00 – $403.00


For high speed desert terrain.

Sizes: 28×10-14 to 32×10-18

Price: $319.00 – $358.00


Maxxis UTV Tire Guide

Aggressive all-terrain. 

Sizes: 28×10-14 to 32×10-15

Price: $323.00 – $393.00

MU511 – MU521

For muddy conditions.

Sizes: 27×9-12 to 29×9-14

Price: $219.00 – $317.00

We’ve been running Maxxis RAZR XTs for many years and have found great success with them in Baja, Mexico and our local mountains and deserts. Photo: Adam Campbell Photography

Maxxis UTV Tire Guide


Aggressive all-terrain.

Sizes: 28×10-14 to 35×10-15

Price: $325.00 – $388.00


Maxxis UTV Tire Guide


Sizes: 25×8-12 to 30×10-14

Price: $246.00 – $350.00


For XC and off-road racing. 

Sizes: 24×10-11 to 30×10-14

Price: $204.00 – $351.00


Front and rear specific, directional front tire.

Sizes: 26×9-12 to 29×9-14

Price: $253.00 – $348.00


Maxxis UTV Tire Guide

For utility work.

Sizes: 25×10-12 to 26×11-12

Price: $130.00 – $172.00

We upgraded to a Maxxis Carnivore on our Polaris General 4-seater to gain some ground clearance and added protection in the rocks and ruts. Photo: Adam Campbell Photography

Maxxis UTV Tire Guide


Built for high-speed desert or short course racing.

Sizes: 23×8-12 to 27×11-15

Price: $178.00 – $334.00


For desert and hard pack trail.

Sizes: 25×8-12 to 30×10-14

Price: $306.00 – $319.00


For mud and trail use.

Sizes: 22×10-9 to 30×9-14

Price: $132.00 – $280.00


Maxxis UTV Tire Guide

For mudding/bogging. 

Sizes: 27×9-12 to 28×9-14

Price: $212.00 – $325.00