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Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire

A lightweight option for those looking to go to a 32-inch UTV tire.


High Lifter Tire is fresh on the scene, having taken over operations for STI Tire & Wheel recently. The updated 2024 Yamaha YXZ is also fresh on the scene, and we couldn’t wait to start testing it and the new YXZ products and accessories to hit the market. Starting with this Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire .

The shift to High Lifter Tire comes with a couple of new product releases as well, including this new Chicane LT. High Lifter Tire markets the Chicane LT as a second-generation carcass that delivers a lightweight tire and smooth ride. A flexible carcass and medium compound excels on hardpack and semi-loose terrain, and it features an 8-ply radial construction. 

Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire

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Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire
The YXZ loved the Chicane LT, but the 32 rubbed a tiny bit. The 30 inch version would fit the car without modification. Steering precision remained on point.

High Lifter Tire Chicane LT Tire Specifications:

32x10R15 Chicane LT 8-ply tire, $249.95 each ($1,249.75 for 5)
HL23 15×7 Matte Black Aluminum Beadlock Wheel, $261.20 each ($1,306 for 5)
Total $2,555.75

Size: 32x10R15

Also available in 28, 30, 33, and 35 inch versions

Rating: 8 Ply

Max load: 1370 lbs

Max pressure: 24 psi cold

Measures 32” at 20 psi

Weight: 38.6 lbs

Weight w/ wheel: 56.8 lbs 

Lug Pattern: 4×156 

15×7, 5+2 backspace

Weight: 18.2 lb

Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire
High Lifter’s Chicane LT is a nice looking tire, and it pairs well with this HL23 matte black bead lock wheel.

This Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire features a dual-purpose tread pattern; mount the center treads facing forward like we have them positioned for hard pack, turn them around for intermediate style dirt. High Lifter also designed a deep rim guard to keep your wheels fresh. Overall, it is a handsome tire that features a great mix of extra thick protection where it needs to be and weight savings where it can be afforded.

Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire
The Chicane takes hits from rocks and hard trail debris without excess sidewall or carcass deflection. It makes quick work of basketball-sized rock gardens and holds up well to the abuse.

We tested the Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire in rock, sand, mud, hardpack, and loamy dirt. It fared well in all of our testing, rolling smoothly and offering a great on-center feel at the wheel. The tires offer a little slip under power, but dig in smoothly once they get to the edge of the sidewall. The limit of the tire’s grip comes across gradually, which makes it easy to drive on them at high speeds.Thick, soupy mud is not this tire’s forte, but they do clean out well under power. 

Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire
After a few hundred miles, our Chicanes are still looking fresh. The lug pattern is directional, so pay attention when mounting them up.
Awesome New 32 Inch UTV Tire
Confidence is key when driving fast, and the Chicane LTs provide it in spades. Here, we demonstrate using our Polaris General XP 4 Ultimate.

In our testing, we found 16.5 psi to be the sweet spot for the YXZ and the General. This offered a good mix of a plush ride and good sidewall stability, even at high speed in the rock gardens. We were comfortable bashing through the rockiest sections at a good clip after some seat time with the tires, and they proved to be incredibly tough in our testing. No chunking, tearing, or scoring is visible after 300 miles of hard driving.

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