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System 3 RT320 Tire Review


We took our Can-Am Maverick X3 Pre-Runner to Baja and brought back a System 3 RT320 Tire Review.

System 3 RT320 Tire Review

Back in March of 2018, System 3 Off-Road burst onto the UTV tire scene, offering four different tire styles and two rim styles at launch. One of their initial offerings, the RT320 Race & Trail Tire, initially stood out to us for its rounded profile and aggressive lug pattern. We ordered up a couple of sets for some long-term testing, with our logs starting in January 2019.

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In the case of the X3, we went with the 33-inch RT320 tires and ran a ride height close to 17 inches under the front differential. We also ran a new Stage 3 spring package from Eibach, which worked exceptionally well after getting the initial settings dialed. Check utvoffroadmag.com for an upcoming in-depth look at how the Eibach kit transforms the ride of the X3. This 33-inch RT320 is the same tire we would be racing on as well, with the #T948 Monster Can-Am X3 RR. Spoiler alert- this car won the 2020 Turbo UTV and Score Overall Championships on RT320 tires. 

System 3 RT320 Tire Review

As for the wheelset, we went with the standard in quality: OMF HPO 2 beadlock wheels. The high positive offset wheel features a +55mm OEM offset, compared to the +32mm setup we ran for 2020. We missed the slightly wider 5-2 stance on the high-speed fire roads and even on the short asphalt stints, but the narrow setup worked wonders through the tight and super rocky “Goat Trail” and “Mike’s Sky Ranch” sections of the Baja 500 course. We also noticed that the steering feedback was slightly improved with the high positive offset. 

This X3 has accrued over 2,000 miles and counting on a single set of System 3 RT320 Tires. We put on 1,000+ pre-run miles for the Baja 250, which is comprised of deep sand washes, endless whoop sections, and close to 200 miles of asphalt transition roads. The Baja 500 pre-run was another 1,000 miles, albeit with much nastier terrain. Rocks strewn across the desert floor, deep silt, whoops, whoops, and more whoops. Scattered barbed wire, sharp sticks, and another couple hundred miles of asphalt. The RT320s were thrown into the roughest conditions we could think to put them through, and they came through the other side ready for more. 

System 3 RT320 Tire Review

We started close to the suggested max pressure of 22 psi, inflating the tires to a square 20 psi when cold. We were willing to sacrifice some grip for puncture and pinch-flat resistance. Higher pressures typically cause bigger tires to wander in the sand washes, but the RT320 stayed mostly straight. For casual trail riding, we could’ve knocked it down to 18 psi or even lower, but there were a lot of hidden gems (sharp rocks) in the sand washes and we didn’t want to risk flats being so far from civilization. The crossover section was well over 100 miles without support. 

After 2,000+ miles, the RT320 is still at half tread life, possibly even more. Unfortunately, the Baja asphalt sections steal a lot of longevity from the tire, but we are still impressed with the iron-willed durability of the RT320. The rear tires run down much more quickly, especially with our 195 horsepower X3 Turbo RR. Best practice is to do occasional tire rotations in order to keep the tires even. This will extend the life of the tire, and also keep them from developing damaging wear patterns. 

We have also tested this tire on our long-term Yamaha YXZ1000R, where we put over 1,600 miles on a set of 30-inch RT320 tires. The Yamaha’s incredible steering precision was well-preserved riding on the RT320. It is a tough, smooth-rolling tire that doesn’t neuter the YXZ’s lively handling when going to a square setup, meaning all four tires are the same size. Steering precision is good, with incredible side bite that feels very progressive in the way it breaks loose. Handling balance with the RT320 tires remained predictable, and the tires don’t produce any tread hum or severe wobble at higher speeds. 

The UTV tire market is stronger than it has ever been, and with newcomer powerhouses like System 3 bursting onto the scene, it is easy to see why. The RT320 Race & Trail tires are a fantastic all-around tire for anything but the muddiest of conditions. Their combination of performance, great steering feel, and longevity make them a winner in our book – as well as SCORE’s!

Price Range: Online, we have seen the 28-inch RT320 sell as low as $165.00, with the 30-inch coming in around an average of $190.00 and the 33-inch around $210.00, each.

System 3 RT320 Tire Review


28 x 10R-14  –  8 ply rated – 28.0 in. – 0.65 in. – 26 psi – 740 lbs.  –   33.8 lbs. – 521427

30 x 10R-14  –  8 ply rated – 30.0 in. – 0.65 in. – 22 psi – 1,000 lbs. – 37.9 lbs. – 521428

32 x 10R-15  –  8 ply rated – 32.0 in. – 0.65 in. – 22 psi – 1,000 lbs. – 41.6 lbs. – 521429

33 x 9.5R-15 –  8 ply rated – 33.0 in. – 0.65 in. – 22 psi – 1,020 lbs. – 39.8 lbs. – 521709

35 x 9.5R-15 –  8 ply rated – 35.0 in. – 0.65 in. – 22 psi – 1,020 lbs. – 43.0 lbs. – 521710

Website: https://system3offroad.com/rt320