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All-New 2025 Kawasaki Ridge XR


Ignite your off-road adventure with the turn of the automotive-style key, as the all-new RIDGE® XR side x side from Kawasaki roars to life with its distinctive tone and 999cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke in-line four-cylinder engine. Setting itself apart from the crowd of twin-cylinder-powered sport-utility side x sides, the All-New 2025 Kawasaki Ridge XR promises an exhilarating experience. Feel the smooth, linear throttle response as you navigate corners, enjoying precise control and a surge of acceleration directly linked to your right foot. Crafted for comfort, the All-New 2025 Kawasaki Ridge XR boasts a wide-track chassis, long-travel suspension, and high ground clearance to confidently navigate obstacles while maintaining cabin tranquility. The in-line four-cylinder engine’s low vibration adds to the premium ride comfort, creating an immersive driving experience. Also, see the 2025 Kawasaki Ridge.

All-New 2025 Kawasaki Ridge XR

Step into the thoughtfully designed cab featuring a high-grade D-shaped steering wheel, an automotive-inspired dashboard, and a 7-inch TFT color instrument panel. Sink into plush, adjustable high-backed bucket seats with three-point seatbelts. Attention to detail shines through, from flat door handles maximizing interior space to carefully chosen textures on slip-resistant footrests. For the RIDGE® XR Deluxe side x side, contoured bench seating accommodates three adults, ensuring everyone enjoys the journey.

The premium fit-and-finish extends to the exterior of the RIDGE XR, adorned with sporty and tough styling. Fierce line-type LED position lights and bumper shroud accent lights hint at its rugged performance capabilities. The high power, high torque, and smooth power delivery of the engine are complemented by the robust build, substantial cargo, and towing capacity—perfect for ridgeline adventures or demanding jobsites. With three versatile model variations, including one with a factory-standard full cab with HVAC, the RIDGE XR redefines expectations for premium off-road performance, seamlessly blending recreation and work in a single, dynamic package. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with the RIDGE XR—an epitome of power, comfort, and versatility.

All-New 2025 Kawasaki Ridge XR


  • Kawasaki-Built 999cc Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke In-Line Four Cylinder Engine
  • Roomy Interior with Premium Comfort
  • Full Cab with HVAC (HVAC model)
  • Long-Travel Double Wishbone Suspension and High Ground Clearance
  • 30-inch Tires with 14-inch Aluminium Wheels
  • All-LED Exterior Lighting including Accent Lights
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • Power Mode Selection
  • On the Fly Electrically Selectable 4WD & Front-Rear Differential Lock
  • Chassis Designed for Comfort
  • 1000-lbs Capacity Tilting Cargo Bed with Detachable Tailgate
  • 7-inch Full-color TFT Instrumentation
  • Adjustable driver seat
  • Automotive-Inspired Fit & Finish Exterior and Interior
  • Smartphone Connectivity via RIDEOLOGY THE APP POWERSPORTS
  • Kawasaki STRONG Three-Year Limited Warranty


In the heart of the RIDGE XR, Kawasaki’s latest marvel, beats a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke in-line four-cylinder engine—a powerhouse that not only defines performance but redefines the thrill of driving. This engineering masterpiece, meticulously crafted with a bore and stroke of 73.4 x 59.0mm, delivers 116 hp and 73.8 ft lbs of torque propelling the RIDGE XR to new heights, delivering a symphony of power and torque for both work and play.

As the accelerator pedal is pressed, a crisp response echoes through the vehicle, ideal for those seeking the thrill of riding off road. The smooth and predictable feedback from the engine not only facilitates control but elevates the driving experience with superb power feeling and acceleration.

Amidst the exhilarating acceleration, the distinct exhaust note of the in-line four-cylinder engine adds a musical touch to the driving excitement. Observers are treated to the spectacle of the RIDGE XR roaring past, leaving behind the impression of a jet fighter. However, in the everyday-use range, the engine’s purr is subdued enough to allow for easy conversation within the cab contributing to the overall ride comfort and high-quality experience.

The engine’s rubber-mounted design reduces vibrations contributing to a comfortable ride, even in the most demanding of conditions. The thoughtful design extends to the snorkel-style intake, strategically positioned under the hood to minimize the risk of dust or water ingestion. A high-performance Donaldson air filter stands guard.

The electronic throttle valve system takes center stage, allowing the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to intricately control both fuel and air delivery. The result is a seamless and natural engine response, with a single 52mm throttle body chosen to evoke a smooth, driver-friendly reaction. Fine-atomizing injectors, with a droplet size of 60 microns, contribute to efficient combustion and instantaneous engine response.

The synergy of components is further demonstrated by 29mm intake valves and 24mm exhaust valves, striking a balance between low-rpm and mid-high rpm performance. The large-diameter 35mm tail pipe, a testament to the high-performance aspirations of the RIDGE XR, amplifies the excitement during high-rpm endeavors.

The engineering prowess extends to the rear-facing exhaust ports, strategically designed to keep heat away from the cab. A dual heat shield adds an extra layer of heat shielding, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. The intentional lengthening of the exhaust pipe enhances low-end performance, a testament to the dedication to optimizing every aspect of the engine’s functionality.

Baffle plates in the oil pan ensure consistent oil supply to the pump, even during high-speed cornering, underscoring the commitment to reliability. The large-capacity 1,120 W generator further enhances the versatility of the RIDGE XR, providing ample power for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and a variety of accessories.

A cooling fan strategically placed on the right side of the engine block efficiently draws hot air out, keeping the cab temperatures down.

The large-capacity radiator, positioned at the front behind the grille, benefits from an optimal location to receive cooling air, ensuring consistent performance. The seamlessly integrated continuously variable transmission (CVT) adds to the smooth response, creating a driving experience that feels both intuitive and exhilarating.

The engineers behind the RIDGE XR spared no effort in refining the CVT settings to simulate the characteristics of a CVT and centrifugal clutch combination. This meticulous tuning results in a silky-smooth power delivery.

The collaboration between the electronic throttle valve and the precisely controlled CVT is tuned to provide engine braking, providing a dependable and stable deceleration experience. Whether descending slopes or coming to a complete stop, the engine braking effect instills confidence in the driver.

The gear selection, be it Forward-High, Forward-Low, or Reverse, is seamless and refined, reminiscent of automotive systems. There’s just a smooth transition that underscores the commitment to providing a driving experience that’s not only powerful but also sophisticated.

In the end, the RIDGE XR with its Kawasaki-built 999cc Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke in-line four engine is not just a vehicle: it’s a symphony of power, precision, and exhilaration—a testament to the relentless pursuit of engineering excellence. As it takes on the trail, it leaves behind not just a mark but a legacy, redefining what it means to drive with passion and purpose.

All-New 2025 Kawasaki Ridge XR


The Kawasaki RIDGE XR side x side offers the freedom to tailor your vehicle’s performance to your preference and your driving conditions. With the choice of three distinctive modes – Work, Normal, and Sport – our system puts you in control like never before.


Designed for utility and precision, this mode provides a milder response that is perfect for tasks requiring a smooth and constant pace. Whether you’re carrying a load or navigating uneven surfaces, the programmed response minimizes the likelihood of sudden changes in vehicle speed or engine rpm.

One of the standout features of Work mode is its carefully selected throttle response and engine braking characteristics. At low speeds, experience unparalleled control using only the gas pedal.


For those moments when you crave an exhilarating driving experience, look no further than Sport mode. Immerse yourself in the thrill of sharper, more linear throttle response that establishes a direct connection between the gas pedal and the engine.

Sport mode is engineered to cater to the driving enthusiast in you, whether you’re tackling the trails or indulging in spirited acceleration.


When versatility is key, Normal mode steps into the spotlight. Striking a perfect balance between the utility of Work mode and the spirited performance of Sport mode, Normal mode offers a smooth engine response right from the moment the throttle is opened. It is the go-to setting for everyday driving, providing an enjoyable and responsive experience without compromising efficiency.

Normal mode seamlessly adapts to various driving scenarios, offering a harmonious blend of power and control.

Electrically selectable 4WD, along with front and rear differential locks, empowers drivers to effortlessly switch between drive systems on the go, adapting to the ever-changing terrain and applications. In 2WD mode, drivers experience light steering, and fuel-efficient cruising. Shifting to 4WD maintains this light steering while providing enhanced traction, ensuring stability on gravel, dirt, or uneven surfaces. Engaging 4WD along with the differential lock offers maximum traction, making the vehicle a powerhouse on challenging terrains.

With a swift turn of the switch, the system engages seamlessly, putting the driver in complete control of when 4WD or the 4WD with front and rear differential locks are activated. Locking the front and rear differentials transforms each pair of wheels into a single axle, preventing free-spinning in low-traction situations or when a wheel is suspended in the air. This provides the RIDGE XR with true AWD capability, guaranteeing maximum traction when navigating challenging terrains or overcoming obstacles. The Electrically Selectable 4WD and Differential Locks redefine adaptability, allowing the RIDGE XR to conquer the terrain with confidence and control.

The nearly 13-gallon fuel tank provides a generous range between fill-ups, minimizing interruptions during tasks or allowing extended adventures on the trail. Positioned well away from the wheels, the fuel tank is shielded from potential impacts by flying debris, further enhanced by a protective steel guard.

Routine maintenance is achieved with easily located oil and air filter locations; the oil filter is easily accessed by removing the fender panel forward of the rear wheel.  The air filter on the RIDGE XR is located under the center console. On the RIDGE XR and RIDGE XR HVAC models the filter is accessed by lifting the armrest console and on the RIDGE XR Deluxe, the filter is accessed by lifting the passenger seat.


The RIDGE XR frame boasts a ladder-type construction, crafted from high-quality steel square tubes, ensuring a robust foundation. This design imparts highly predictable chassis performance and exceptional durability to the vehicle. High-strength material is strategically employed in high-load areas, such as the suspension mounting plates, reinforcing critical components.

Achieving an optimal balance between lateral and torsional stiffness, the frame not only provides durability but also allows just the right amount of chassis flex. This flexibility is crucial for handling the shocks encountered during off-road riding, providing a superior level of ride comfort.

Utilizing rubber for three of the engine mounts and carefully tuning the CVT settings effectively minimizes unwanted vibration, leaving behind the pleasing note of the engine.

The RIDGE XR ROPS ensures high seal performance for doors and windows, enhancing the overall quality of the vehicle. The thoughtful design and material choices come together to create a structure that not only withstands the rigors of varied terrains but also prioritizes the driver’s comfort.

The RIDGE XR was meticulously designed with a focus on comfort, evident in its wide-body chassis that contributes to a composed handling character and elevated ride comfort. The chassis was specifically engineered to accommodate long-travel suspension and a concurrently designed full-cab, ensuring a consistently high level of comfort during rides.

All-New 2025 Kawasaki Ridge XR

Even while in motion, the vehicle offers a serene and calm interior, thanks to its low noise and low vibration features. This translates to a quiet composure inside the cab enhancing the overall driving experience.

The wide track significantly contributes to the vehicle’s stability while also maintaining a width of 64-inches for use on most trails. The highly composed chassis platform is further complemented by front and rear independent suspension, adding an extra layer of ride comfort for occupants.

With a wheelbase of 90.7-inches, the RIDGE XR achieves a perfect balance of composed handling and a spacious cab with ample legroom. Importantly, this is achieved without unnecessarily increasing the overall length of the vehicle. This thoughtful design choice allows for a relatively short 4.5 m (14.7 ft) turning radius, facilitating the negotiation of tight corners in wooded areas, or confidently navigating ridgelines. The RIDGE XR is not just a vehicle; it’s a harmonious blend of comfort, stability, and maneuverability, ensuring an exceptional driving experience.

Top of Form

The RIDGE XR has a high ground clearance of 14.5 inches (14.3-inches on HVAC model) at max preload and enhances accessibility during work or recreational activities but also ensures superb ride comfort by reducing the likelihood of scraping its bottom. This feature is particularly beneficial in navigating varied terrains.

Additionally, the high ground clearance contributes to a favorable breakover angle, minimizing the risk of bottoming out when cresting a ridge or traversing over obstacles. This design choice enhances the vehicle’s ability to capably tackle challenging landscapes.

Furthermore, the high approach and departure angles on the RIDGE XR play a pivotal role in optimizing its off-road performance. By minimizing bodywork overhang and positioning the wheels as close to the bumpers as possible, the design reduces the chances of hitting the bumper or scraping the tail when navigating steep slopes.

To ensure comprehensive protection, the wheel wells are made from steel, rather than plastic. These act as a barrier, offering the vehicle additional protection from rocks and other flying debris encountered during off-road adventures.

Bottom of Form

The RIDGE XR employs a double-wishbone suspension system both at the front and rear, allowing each wheel to navigate obstacles with minimal impact on the chassis. The shock absorbers, featuring single-rate springs on the front and dual-rate springs on the rear, complement the chassis’ balanced flexibility, delivering excellent bump absorption and rough road performance. This ground-hugging suspension excels at following the terrain, ensuring a smooth ride within the cab.

To enhance ride comfort, the suspension settings are designed to minimize chassis roll speed, providing a more composed experience for passengers. The long wheel travel of 12.7-inches front and rear contributes to high ground clearance and optimal ride comfort.

The rear shock absorbers are mounted to the lower A-arms enabling a long shock stroke while maintaining a cargo bed height conducive to easy loading. Both front and rear shock absorbers offer 5-way adjustable preload.

The RIDGE XR is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, ensuring strong and precise stopping power. The hydraulic disc system delivers predictable performance, matching brake power to the input at the pedal.

The large-diameter 30-inch tires and 14-inch aluminum wheels contribute to the outstanding off-road capability and high ground clearance of the RIDGE XR. Machined finishing along the wheel rims emphasizes the sporty image of the vehicle.

The cargo bed, measuring 35 x 49 x 12.8-inches with a load capacity of 1,000 lbs. is designed for substantial loads. Its flat design facilitates loading from three sides, and in models without a full cab, the cargo bed can be accessed from the cabin. Four built-in hooks provide convenient tie-down points.

The gas-assisted tilting cargo bed features tilting-release levers on both sides, allowing easy access to the engine. The bed incorporates a single-latch tailgate release system for effortless opening and closing. The injection-molded tailgate design includes built-in cup holders, and the tailgate can be removed without tools. The cargo bed walls have slots for cargo dividers, enhancing secure stowing of items.

Octagonal slots in the cargo bed walls accommodate the new-style optional KQR™ accessory mounts, enabling snap-mounted attachment of items to the cargo bed rails.

Additionally, the RIDGE XR boasts a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs. and a standard 2-inch tow hitch receiver is compatible with a variety of accessory hitches.


The RIDGE XR boasts a premium exterior design to match its sporty and tough styling, featuring painted fenders and all-LED lighting. The front headlights, equipped with line-type LED position lamps, create a fierce expression, complemented by a large aluminum Kawasaki emblem on the front grille, a light-looking steel front bumper, and LED accent lights on the bumper shrouds.

Bright LED headlights (48.6 W / 22.2 W) with line-type LED position lights contribute to the fierce expression, and an air-scoop built into the front hood adds to the aggressive, sporty image. The automotive-style front grille, complemented by a large aluminum Kawasaki emblem and a black-painted steel front bumper, enhances the vehicle’s tough looks. The bumper is matched by a high-quality black plastic cover, and the bumper shrouds with LED accent lights differentiate the RIDGE XR models, adding to their distinctive, sporty image. Painted fenders contribute to the car-quality fit and finish, and the front wheel wells beveled leading edge effectively deflects mud away from the body, ensuring cleanliness.

LED taillights with a pickup-truck-style design add to the car-quality fit and finish. Brightly colored suspension A-arms provide a striking contrast to the somber bodywork, enhancing the sporty and tough styling of the RIDGE XR.

The roomy cab of the RIDGE XR is designed for optimal ride comfort. High-backed bucket seats and three-point seatbelts offer support during hard riding and comfort during leisurely rides. Lever-adjustable seats and tilted steering wheel provide flexibility for the driver’s comfort and control. On the RIDGE XR Deluxe, contoured bench seating accommodates three people with a lever-adjustable driver’s seat.

The seats’ ergonomic shape, optimized backrest angle, and different urethane cushioning for the bottom and back ensure both support and comfort. The slip-resistant seat material offers increased comfort and support regardless of weather conditions.

Both seats are lever-adjustable, with a superior total forward-rearward range of 5-inches, adjustable in ½ inch increments.

Handgrips integrated into the ROPS frame contribute to passenger comfort, and each seating position is equipped with a three-point seat belt. Doors are a standard feature on all models and feature both internal and external handles, with a flat design on the inside to maximize passenger space.

The wide space between the dashboard and seats allows easy movement through the cab and a standard plastic roof provides protection from the elements. High-grade fit and finish details, including floor lighting, backlit switches, and decorative components, contribute to the premium car-like interior. The high-grade automotive-style ignition key adds to the premium quality feel.

The factory-standard full cab on the RIDGE® XR HVAC is equipped with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning offering a comfortable escape from extreme weather conditions. The full cab includes a glass windshield, full doors with power windows, a glass rear panel, a plastic roof with a roof liner, a windshield wiper and washer, a rearview mirror, and an interior ceiling light. Seal performance is excellent due to a reverse design approach, with the cab designed and engineered in conjunction with the rest of the vehicle, contributing to efficient climate control and passenger comfort.

The HVAC unit in the full cab includes multiple vents with mode selection, adjustable fan strength, a choice of fresh or recirculated air, and fast-acting temperature control.


Every RIDGE XR model is equipped with Kawasaki’s high-grade electric power steering (EPS) system which operates most effectively at extremely slow speeds and when the vehicle is stopped. When turning the wheel, a signal is sent to the EPS Electronic Control Unit (ECU), activating assistance. The ECU utilizes input from the vehicle speed sensor and torque sensor to determine the required steering assistance needed from the electric motor. Assistance is highest at slow speeds or when stopped and decreases as vehicle speed increases to ensure responsive steering. Additionally, the EPS system acts as a damping system, enhancing ride comfort and control by minimizing kickback to the steering wheel caused by shocks to the wheels.


The RIDGE XR steering wheel features a tilting function, allowing drivers to adjust its position according to their preference and lift it out of the way to facilitate entry and exit. The high-grade D-shaped steering wheel not only contributes to comfort but also enhances the high-quality feel of the RIDGE XR.


A large 7-inch high-grade full-color TFT LCD screen integrated into the automotive-inspired dashboard adds to the automotive-inspired quality of the RIDGE XR. Multiple selectable display modes offer customizable information presentation. The high-grade instrumentation includes infotainment features, such as three selectable display modes (Digital, Analog, Simple) and screen background options (black or white). The brightness adjusts automatically based on available light, with manual adjustments available for driver preference. LCD bonding technology minimizes glare for high clarity. The screen displays various functions, including speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, Driving Mode, Power Mode, clock, CVT temperature, and more. Surrounding indicator lamps provide additional at-a-glance information. When linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth, the instrument display indicates calls and messages received.


Bluetooth technology in the instrumentation allows wireless connectivity with the side x side. Using the smartphone application RIDEOLOGY THE APP POWERSPORTS*, drivers can access vehicle information, log GPS routes, adjust instrument display settings, communicate, and share profiles and trip logs with other users. Compatibility is limited to iOS-type smartphones.


The RIDGE XR offers ample enclosed storage options for small items within the dashboard. These include three covered compartments: a lidded compartment above the dashboard center console (featured on non-HVAC models), a passenger-side glove box, and another lidded compartment above the glove box. Additionally, a convenient pocket in the dashboard center console provides easy-access storage for small items. The left and right sides of the dashboard house two large cup holders designed to accommodate 30oz. cups with handles.

For the RIDGE XR and RIDGE XR (HVAC) models the armrest console cover lifts to reveal a handy storage space with two cup holders at the back and another two near the floor.

On the RIDGE XR Deluxe model, the center portion of the seat back folds down, and when folded down, provides two additional cup holders. Furthermore, the RIDGE XR Deluxe offers storage space beneath the passenger seats.

In terms of power supply, the RIDGE XR features a DC socket integrated into the dashboard for accessory items or personal devices. Two USB ports are available inside the lidded storage above the glove box. The vehicle is equipped with terminal blocks and pre-wiring for accessories, including a second terminal block behind the front bumper for winch use and an additional power supply point under the cargo bed behind the driver’s seat.

All-New 2025 Kawasaki Ridge XR


A comprehensive range of accessories is available to enhance the overall experience with a total of 72 items to choose from.

In the COMFORT category, options include full hard doors (power), KQR soft upper doors, fixed windshields in glass or polycarbonate, vented windshields, flip-up windshields in glass, half windshields in polycarbonate, and various rear panel options. Comfort features also extend to a heater/defroster and windshield wiper with a washer.

Under CONVENIENCE, users can opt for a plow frame, a 72-inch plow blade, plow mount bracket, snowplow actuator, cargo bed multi-purpose rack, 2-inch hitch drawbar, 2-inch chrome hitch ball, and dome light. Also available are WARN® VRX and AXON winches, each available with installation kits.

For CARGO MANAGEMENT, choices include a cargo bed lift, cargo bed storage box, and cargo bed KQR mount.

VEHICLE PROTECTION is addressed with accessories like a brush guard, rear bumper, front and rear A-arm guard sets, skid plate set, nerf bar set, and a storage cover that can be used when the RIDGE XR is being towed on a trailer.

In terms of APPEARANCE, users can choose from roof mount LED light bars and front bumper LED light bars, each with their respective installation kits. A premium roof liner is also available.

AUDIO options range from an interactive display and mount kit, interactive display audio kit, basic audio system, to a Stage 2 audio upgrade.

OTHER accessories include a horn, back-up beeper, rearview mirror, lighted wide-angle rearview mirror, premium side mirrors, front view camera, and rearview camera. These items provide a wide array of choices to tailor the vehicle according to individual preferences and needs.


The RIDGE XR is available in three trim levels, launching with the 2024 RIDGE® XR HVAC followed by the RIDGE® XR, RIDGE® XR Deluxe coming this fall. All three levels are available in either Metallic Graystone or Ice Gray.

To top it off, all Kawasaki RIDGE XR side x sides are confidently backed by the Kawasaki STRONG 3-Year Limited Warranty.

2024 Kawasaki RIDGE® XR HVAC

Colors: Metallic Graystone, Ice Gray

MSRP: To be announced

Availability: Coming this Spring

2025 Kawasaki RIDGE® XR Deluxe

Colors: Metallic Graystone, Ice Gray

MSRP: To be announced

Availability: Coming this Fall

2025 Kawasaki RIDGE® XR

Colors: Metallic Graystone, Ice Gray

MSRP: To be announced

Availability: Coming this Fall