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“Where The Pavement Ends” w/ Samantha Soriano


This episode of “Where The Pavement Ends” w/ Samantha Soriano, a professional BMX racer turned freeride mountain bike rider. We learn about the evolution of Samantha’s career from BMX racing to becoming one of the pioneers of female freeride MTB. She also discusses the pressures that come with pursuit of growth and personal happiness, and how she uses the Can-Am Commander XT-P to help progress her riding skills and access the challenging terrain of southern Utah. Tune in below for the latest episode of Can-Am’s “Where the Pavement Ends” w/ Samantha Soriano.

Samantha Soriano was an accomplished BMX racer from Winter Park, Colorado.  She then found Enduro Mountain biking suited her skills on a bike and she began pursuing racing the EWS.  After finding success in racing the EWS, Sam still felt something was missing and she was not satisfied.

“Where The Pavement Ends” w/ Samantha Soriano

Sam then forged into uncharted territory and began chasing after the dream of becoming one of the pioneers that would push women’s mountain bike free riding to the next level.  Sam uprooted her comfortable life in Colorado and relocated to the desert near Virgin, Utah where the world famous terrain is where the world’s best come to learn how to free ride.

Sam has been  instrumental in getting other female’s involved in her growing sport and also hosts camps and ride days to help break barriers for other women.  She is also one of the big names and favorites in this year’s Red Bull Formation.