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System 3 UTV Tires


System 3 Off-Road develops UTV wheels and tires with three fundamentals in mind; traction, strength and style. Each of their products are tested and developed in real world conditions by a staff that has multiple decades of off-road wheel and tire experience. We’ve been running their 33-inch RT320s on our Maverick X3 and the Monster Energy Can-Am Team has used the same tread to win two of the last three Score-International Overall UTV Championships. Here’s a look at all of the System 3 UTV Tires and Wheels.

System 3 XC450

System 3 UTV Tires

Mixed terrain tread pattern. 

Price: $267.17-$389.31

System 3 XT400

Mud and trail hybrid.

Price: $322.23-$387.86

System 3 XTR370

System 3 UTV Tires

8-ply rated.

Price: $211.38-$436.14

System 3 XM310R

Deep angular dual stage lugs.

Price: $296.05-$409.29

System 3 SS360

Most playful sand tire available for UTVs.

Price: $225.62-$367.33

System 3 RT320

Race-ready mixed terrain design.

Price: $255.42-$351.03

System 3 XCR350

Medium tire compound.

Price: $323.67-$405.33

System 3 XT300

Excels in loose terrain.

Price: $296.26

System 3 DS340

Designed for high-powered UTVs.

Price: $212.76-$284.84

System 3 SB-7 Beadlock

System 3 UTV Tires

Super heavy-duty construction.

Price: $287.47-$343.61

System 3 SB-6 Beadlock

Aggressive styling.

Price: $304.73

System 3 ST-6 

Bold styling.

Price: $172.02-$195.42

System 3 ST-3

System 3 UTV Tires

Sizes From 14”-24”.

Price: $185.29-$414.57

System 3 SB-5 Beadlock

Heavy-duty inner and outer wheel. 

Price: $252.74-$324.31

System 3 ST-5

Rally styling.

Price: $212.21-$223.88

System 3 ST-4

System 3 UTV Tires

Wheel Sizes From 14”-20”.

Price: $174.50-$414.57

System 3 SB-4 Beadlock

Lots of different finishes.

Price: $219.71-$266.52

System 3 SB-3 Beadlock

Stainless steel lug inserts.

Price: $173.99-$324.31

System 3 ST-3

System 3 UTV Tires

Available In 14”-24” Sizes.

Price: $185.29-$414.57