Havoc Infinity Goggle Magnetic Lens System
Havoc’s Infinity Goggle uses a ten-point magnetic attachment system and a clever shape to keep the lens sealed against the frame.

Havoc’s Infinity Goggle is a big step for the category, as it changes a mechanism that has been in place for decades. Typically, most moto/snow goggle lenses are held in the frame by clip-in posts inside the frame, requiring you to align the lens inside the soft goggle perfectly for it to fit. It is usually a pain, and often prompts us to “forget” our spare lenses at home. With the Infinity Goggle, Havoc has created a rigid, magnetic lens surround, making lens changes easier than swapping a phone case.

Havoc Infinity Patriot

Using ten magnets positioned around the goggle frame, Havoc‘s Infinity lens sticks like glue. Removing the lens is made easy by the inclusion of a tab at the lower right corner of the lens. One push from your thumb is enough to dislodge the lens from the frame, allowing easy cleaning of the inside of the lens. It also makes trailside stops more pleasant when the weather is warm, as you can pull the lens off for extra airflow and pop it back on effortlessly. Once the lens is even close to the frame, the draw of the magnets is strong enough to snap it into place. During our testing, we never had the lens dislodge a single time when it wasn’t intended, putting to bed any fears of the lens being loose in the frame.

Besides easy lens changes, Havoc’s Infinity Goggle ticks many more boxes. We tested two pair of Havoc Infinity goggles over six months to get a feel for just how they function during real-world use. In the end, we were so thrilled with the Infinity Goggles that we bought another set just to have more lens and frame combinations to mix around. Havoc sent us the Infinity Patriot Goggle and the Infinity Inverse, which represent only 2 of 21 available pre-configured color schemes. With 14 lens options, 6 frame colors, and 21 different straps, there are over 1,700 possible combinations to choose from. The Havoc Infinity Goggles retail for $80, with the build-your-own option coming in at $90.

Havoc Infinity Frame, sans lens.

Havoc markets the Infinity Goggle’s 20mm face foam as class-leading, and it offers a nice seal against the face with no chafing from the soft inner layer. the Infinity’s strap is removable with a quick-disconnect lever, allowing you to interchange lenses, frames, and straps at your leisure. Additional straps are available for $30, and there are 21 options ranging from mild to wild. Lens options are plentiful as well, with 15 available lenses in single pane ($35) or dual pane ($40). Havoc also offers two tear-off pack options, $8 and $16.

The Infinity Goggle offers a very wide field of view thanks to its clever lens design. Visibility is great, and their lens optics are clear with no distortion issues. Carrying a spare lens with the included soft bag is easy, so when your day ride turns into a night ride, swapping in a clear lens only takes seconds.

Havoc’s goggle is stylish, comfortable, and easy to use. The Infinity is a knock-out.

We came away from our testing with very few negatives. If we had to give one, the goggles don’t filter heavy, silty dust that well, so they aren’t great for competition. During our testing we spent a ton of trail time with the Infinity goggles, mostly in UTVs, but do have 10+ hours of ride time with them on a motorcycle as well. We tested them in Glamis, the Southern California Desert, multiple mountain trail trips, through winter and spring months in cold and hot climates. They didn’t fail us once – the straps held tight with minimal stretching, the lenses continue to pop in and out of the frames with ease, and they have held up to normal use very well. The Infinity is now our go-to goggle, which is as much praise as we can give. If you’re in the market for a new set of goggles, give these a try!


Havoc also offers a traditional-style goggle called the Elite in multiple frame and lens combinations as well, starting at $55.


Price: $80-90