2023 Honda Pioneer Family


The 2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 Family is here, which receives updated colors for the new model year. Offering customers a wide range of options to best suit their needs, Honda’s flagship multipurpose side-by-side continues to offer workhorse ability and inspiring performance. The Pioneer 1000 Trail is equipped for fun two-track adventures, while the Pioneer 1000 Forest is outfitted for pursuing other outdoor interests such as hunting or fishing. The Pioneer 1000 Deluxe touts impressive versatility, and the Pioneer 1000 EPS is a great value-focused option. All four trim levels are offered in three-seat and five-seat configurations, the latter featuring Honda’s QuickFlip® seating arrangement. (Extending customers’ Pioneer 1000 options even more is the 2023 Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew, a six-seat version introduced last August.)

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2023 Pioneer 1000-5 Trail – Matte Navy Blue
2023 Pioneer 1000 Trail – Pearl Orange
2023 Pioneer 1000 Deluxe – Sandstone Beige

2023 Pioneer 1000 Family
With an ever-expanding scope of work, the Pioneer 1000 leads the way when it comes to well-rounded performance. From adventurous trail rides to running job sites and ranches, Honda’s flagship multipurpose side-by-side is remarkably capable of adapting to the task at hand. In addition to the Pioneer lineup’s endless versatility, customers can count on the unmatched durability, quality and reliability of Honda’s flagship multipurpose side-by-side—designed and manufactured in the USA. With seating configurations and trim levels for any application, Honda’s Pioneer 1000 continues to be the king of “works hard, plays hard.” From the sporty Trail and adventure-ready Forest options, to the versatile Deluxe and value-focused EPS versions, Honda’s flagship multipurpose side-by-side has something for everyone. Each member of the Pioneer 1000 family is powered by a 999cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine and comes with a high-tech, Honda-exclusive automatic DCT gearbox, while the Trail and Forest versions feature Honda’s i-4WD system (“intelligent four-wheel drive”).

2023 Pioneer 1000-5 Trail – Matte Navy Blue
2023 Pioneer 1000 Trail – Matte Navy Blue
2023 Pioneer 1000 Forest – Phantom Camo
  • Colors
    • Pioneer 1000 Trail, Pioneer 1000-5 Trail: Matte Navy Blue; Pearl Orange
    • Pioneer 1000 Forest, Pioneer 1000-5 Forest: Honda Phantom Camo®
    • Pioneer 1000 Deluxe, Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe: Red; Sandstone Beige; Krypton Green
    • Pioneer 1000 EPS, Pioneer 1000-5 EPS: Red; Black
  • MSRP
    • Pioneer 1000 Trail: $20,899
    • Pioneer 1000-5 Trail: $22,299
    • Pioneer 1000 Forest: $20,899
    • Pioneer 1000-5 Forest: $22,299
    • Pioneer 1000 Deluxe: $18,899
    • Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe: $20,299
    • Pioneer 1000 EPS: $17,499
    • Pioneer 1000-5 EPS: $18,899
  • Available
    • Pioneer 1000 Trail: February
    • Pioneer 1000-5 Trail: April
    • Pioneer 1000 Forest: February
    • Pioneer 1000-5 Forest: February
    • Pioneer 1000 Deluxe: February
    • Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe: April
    • Pioneer 1000 EPS: April
    • Pioneer 1000-5 EPS: April