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SDi E-CLIK UTV Suspension

SDi E-CLIK UTV Suspension. A “Suspension Without Compromise”. The E-CLIK system is the first to bring intelligent, active suspension to the aftermarket. It incorporates proprietary technology and tuning to deliver the perfect ride and control across any terrain. Whether it’s Desert, Dunes, or Trails, nothing stands in your way. It is Suspension Without Compromise. SDi […]

Unlock the Potential in your Shocks!

When it comes to shocks for our UTVs, we all want them to perform amazingly in every type of situation. Chances are if you own a UTV, you don’t just use it for one type of terrain. We typically take them out on trail rides where you encounter rocky or tree-rooted trails and generally travel […]


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Which suspension system to buy and how to dial it in once it’s installed!   So, you’ve gone out and bought the most exciting UTV you could find, and to complement it, you, of course, subscribed to UTV Off-Road Magazine to help you spend your hard earned money, right? Well, one of the best ways to […]