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2024 onX Offroad Updates

onX Offroad Introduces All-New Trail & Map Features


We’re excited to share a new suite of 2024 onX Offroad Updates to trail and map features being rolled out. At the forefront of the app updates is the new Guided Trails Rating System, the four-tiered rating scale brings a new element of safety to users, while also making the user experience more intuitive and straightforward.

2024 onX Offroad Updates

Additional 2024 onX Offroad Updates to the interface include numerous new hotspot and point of interest icons. “We’re really proud of these new features that we have launched, they enhance user safety as well as the overall experience,” said Rory Edwards, General Manager for onX Offroad. “This is just the start of what we have planned to enhance the user interface. We are always striving to ensure onX Offroad maintains our position as the industry leader for planning off-road adventures.”

2024 onX Offroad Updates

The new Guided Trails Rating System breaks trails down into four clearly labeled categories based on their level of difficulty:

1. Green Trails – Easy
2. Blue Trails – Moderate
3. Black Trails – Difficult
4. Red Trails – Extreme

2024 onX Offroad Updates
The trails will appear colorized in the map, so that paid users are easily able to decipher the challenges that lie ahead before heading out. The rating of the trails is managed by the onX Offroad Trail Guides program, which are maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Trail Rating System Preview

Taking the guesswork out of the planning game, the new popular off road destinations icons allow you to clarify the type of terrain you will be tackling at each new trail you set out for, with eight distinct terrain classifications:

1. Slick Rock
2. Forest
3. Alpine
4. Prairie
5. Rock Crawl
6. Desert
7. Sand Dunes
8. Mud

These new terrain classifications will help off-roaders answer the age-old question of what tire pressure to run, so users can be sure they have the right vehicle and settings to tackle the trails that lie ahead.

2024 onX Offroad Updates

Terrain Classification Preview

Points of interest icons have also been refined, the new bold and clean design makes them easier to read at a quick glance, streamlining the planning for upcoming adventures.

Points of Interest Preview

To learn more about the features and benefits of onX Offroad, please visit www.onxmaps.com/offroad/app.