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All-New Auto-Shift 2024 YXZ1000R SS

New YXZ Amplifies Proven Off-Road Prowess, Elevating Versatility and Thrills on Adventures


Yamaha has announced enhancements to the 2024 YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R SS (Sport Shift), highlighted by a new 6-speed transmission and all-new Yamaha Auto-Shift Technology in the SS variant. Assembled in Yamaha’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Newnan, Georgia, the new YXZ1000R lineup raises the bar in terms of capability, comfort, and versatility, promising unforgettable off-road adventures for pure-sport SxS enthusiasts across the country. Introducing the All-New Auto-Shift 2024 YXZ1000R SS.


All-New Auto-Shift 2024 YXZ1000R SS

The highlight of the 2024 YXZ1000R SS is Yamaha’s exclusive Auto-Shift Technology, featuring three modes of direct-connection, conveniently accessible via a dash-mounted dial. This groundbreaking technology provides automatic-transmission drivers with the pure sport experience while offering the flexibility of switching to manual gear selection for an unparalleled direct-connection driving experience. The new 6-gear, close-ratio transmission is designed to excel during low-speed operation on various terrains, ensuring the vehicle stays within the ideal powerband without compromising high-speed performance. Furthermore, the enhanced transmission boosts clutch durability, delivers smoother engagement, and optimizes the overall driving experience. The new YXZ1000R SS also showcases increased accessory integration with a higher electrical output and added accessory ports and plugs.

“The YXZ1000R Sport Shift is the epitome of pure sport adventures without compromise, and the enhancements introduced in the 2024 model year take the thrill of a direct-connection transmission to a whole new level – appealing to a broader audience regardless of the terrain,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha motorsports group marketing manager. “With our all-new Yamaha Auto-Shift Technology, enthusiasts can enjoy the excitement of a manual transmission or two fully-automatic options, all while experiencing Yamaha’s unmatched durability, reliability, and Proven Off-Road capability to REALize Your Adventure.”

2024 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS Features:

  • New close-ratio 6-speed transmission:  The optimized gear ratios, including a 40% lower first gear, enhance capability and comfort during low-speed operation. The reduced half-clutch time results in improved clutch durability, smoother engagement, and reduced “shift-shock” and noise.
  • All-new Yamaha Auto-Shift Technology:  This revolutionary feature provides automatic-transmission drivers with the pure sport, direct-connection feeling, with the flexibility of switching to a manual gear selection for the ultimate driving experience. The technology offers three user-selected modes: Auto, Sport Auto, and Sport Shift, catering to different driving preferences and terrains.
  • New clutch setup:  The new hub design with radiating fins, enhanced oil-lubrication ports, and optimized YCC-S programming ensures increased clutch durability, optimizing performance and reliability.
  • High-output electrical system:  The enhanced electrical system provides 1000W of electricity, enabling seamless integration of accessories. With the addition of four electrical ports, accessory installation becomes easier and faster, with two plugs in the front and two in the rear.
  • Industry-first triple cylinder 999-cc engine:  The YXZ1000R SS continues to deliver category-defining engine performance, providing unmatched power and excitement.

All-New Auto-Shift 2024 YXZ1000R SS

New 6-Speed Transmission, Gear Ratios, and Automatic or Manual Modes

Introducing a new close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, the 2024 YXZ lineup takes capability and comfort during low-speed operation to new heights. With a remarkable 40% lower first gear, drivers will experience enhanced performance across a variety of terrains. The optimized gear ratios not only boost clutch durability but also deliver a smoother clutch engagement, significantly reducing “shift-shock” and noise for an improved driving experience.

All-new for the YXZ1000R SS is Yamaha’s Auto-Shift Technology, providing the pure sport, direct-connection feeling to even automatic-transmission drivers, with the flexibility of switching to a manual gear-selection for the ultimate direct-connection experience. Auto-Shift Technology’s dash-mounted dial includes three user-selected modes:

  • Auto:  automatic transmission with a “relaxed” drive-feeling, keeping RPMs low and in a higher gear.
  • Sport Auto:  automatic transmission with a sportier drive-feeling, with shifts automatically made at a higher RPM than “Auto” mode, and quick downshifts when braking.
  • Sport Shift:  manual transmission for the ultimate direct-connection feeling, allowing the driver to select gears and shift points by engaging the paddle shifters fixed to the steering column.

With the dash-mounted dial, drivers can switch Auto-Shift modes on-the-fly and at any time on the trail. Drivers will be able to match their mindset, skillset, and terrain with the all-new Auto-Shift Technology, as well as expand their off-road expertise and adventures in a myriad of settings.

Yamaha’s Legendary Durability, Reliability, and Build-Quality for Proven Off-Road Performance

The YXZ1000R / SS boasts aggressive body styling and design that inspires adventure-seekers during every ride. It retains the signature traits of the YXZ1000R lineup, including a large rear-mounted twin-fan radiator for optimal cooling performance. The strategic placement of the driver and passenger seats ensures ultimate sightlines from the cockpit, enhancing the overall driving experience. The race-inspired graphics and bodywork further contribute to the sporty and captivating appearance of the vehicle.

Equipped with durable 29-inch eight-ply Maxxis Bighorn tires, the YXZ1000R / SS excels in both slow and high-speed situations, offering exceptional durability and versatility across various terrains. The FOX RC2 suspension setup has been specifically tuned to maximize comfort and off-road capability. The front suspension features massive 26-inch shocks, allowing an impressive 16.2 inches of travel. In the rear, the vehicle boasts 32-inch-long shocks with 17 inches of travel, ensuring smooth and controlled handling even on the most challenging terrains. With piggyback reservoirs, the suspension system guarantees maximum cooling capability, while the dual-rate springs and adjustable crossover rings allow for full tunability to suit individual preferences and riding conditions.

Every YXZ1000R model is equipped with Yamaha’s signature driver-controlled On-Command system, offering 2WD, 4WD limited slip, and 4WD full-differential lock for consistent steering and handling. The vehicle’s torque- and speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering (EPS) strikes the perfect balance between assist and positive feedback, delivering optimized off-road capability, ideal steering feel, and precise handling even on challenging terrains.

Increased Accessory Integration for More Customization and Less Modification

Bolstered by a new interior dash panel featuring integrated accessory switches, the upgraded electrical charging system of the YXZ1000R now delivers an impressive 1000W of electricity. With a main fuse capacity of 70A, this enhanced system efficiently powers a wide range of accessories without compromising horsepower, avoiding the common issue experienced with many popular SxS LED light bars and stereo systems. Additionally, the YXZ1000R now offers convenient plug-and-play integration with the addition of four electrical ports – two located in the front and two in the rear. This facilitates easier and faster installation of accessories, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

All-New Auto-Shift 2024 YXZ1000R SS

Availability and Yamaha Genuine Accessories

Yamaha offers a comprehensive range of factory-designed, tested, and approved Yamaha Genuine Accessories, available on YamahaMotorsports.com. These accessories include windshield options, spare tire carriers, rear cargo boxes, protection items, engine performance enhancements, and much more. With these options, YXZ1000R owners can customize and personalize their vehicles to suit their individual preferences and specific needs.

The 2024 YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R SS are available at Yamaha dealers nationwide starting at a $20,899 MSRP in Team Yamaha Blue. The YXZ1000R SS XT-R edition is available in Titan and Tactical Black painted bodywork with a color-matched interior, a center-mounted rearview mirror, beadlock wheels, and a factory-installed WARN VRX 4,500-pound winch, starting at a $23,699 MSRP.


All-New Auto-Shift 2024 YXZ1000R SS