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2020 Yamaha Xtreme Terrain UTVs


2020 Yamaha Xtreme Terrain UTVs: Testing the YXZ1000R, Wolverine X4, and Wolverine X2

Story: Casey Cordeiro // Photos: Adam Campbell

2020 Yamaha Xtreme Terrain UTVs

Some people would look past the latest 2020 Yamaha models and dismiss them as slightly revised editions. It’s true that they aren’t heavily revised or all-new machines, but Yamaha’s 2020 lineup is more than what meets the eye! Join us in that eye-opening experience… We review the 2020 Yamaha Xtreme Terrain UTVs.

The 2020 XT-R enhancements are all purposeful and very well engineered. To test out the new features on the YXZ1000R, Wolverine X4, and Wolverine X2, Yamaha brought us out to Top Trails OHV Park outside of Talladega, Alabama. If you haven’t been here before, then you should definitely put it on your list of “must-visit” ride spots, especially if you like challenging and rocky terrain. If you don’t like the rocks, stay away… The terrain is tough, is challenging, and it is unforgiving on machinery. Between the innumerable amount of rocks on these trails, they are all sharp edged biters ready to take a nibble out of your tires. After rains, the terrain is also full of mud holes and sloppy sections. Needless to say, Yamaha was confident in the capability of their 2020 XT-R editions when they brought us out here.

There are several reasons that Yamaha has the utmost in confidence in these new XT-R editions. First, it all comes down to the tires. Both Wolverines get new tires in the form of GBC Dirt Commanders, and the YXZ gets a set of tough Maxxis Carnage tires. Second, each one of these gets a WARN VRX 4500 winch on the front. Yes, 4500 lbs is overkill for each one of these vehicles because they all weigh under 2000 lbs wet, but why wouldn’t you want a winch that can handle everything you need it to, and more?! The chassis in the front of these machines is also strengthened to make sure that all components, including the winch and associated bumper and brackets, are all ready for any adventure you want to tackle. Third, and obviously the most notable feature, are the new color and graphics packages on each of these Yamahs’s.

At the end of the day, the real takeaway message with the XT-R editions is the fact that that these new parts aren’t just Special Edition parts packages with bolt-on components. Each of these UTVs went through all of the intensive testing processes that Yamaha puts all of their vehicles through, and all of the additional XT-R features exceeded Yamaha’s driven-by-excellence testing standards. These might just look like bolt-on accessories, but they have been engineered, manufactured, and tested to make your experience better in every way when you drive one of these Yamaha UTVs.

So, the real reason you are here is because you want to know how these parts perform in the real world! Let’s put each of these 3 vehicles to the test…

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