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ZRP X3 Product Guide


These ZRP Products For Maverick X3 are some of our favorite Can-Am Maverick X3 products on the market from Zollinger Racing Products. Everything from radius rods and backing plates, billet front and rear knuckles to shock tower braces and casual wear. Here’s our ZRP X3 Product Guide.

ZRP X3 Product Guide

Can-Am X3 Radius Rod Plate

ZRP X3 Product Guide

Reduces stress on radius rods and bolts. 

Price: $149.00

Can-Am X3 High Clearance Billet Radius Rod Set (6) 64”/72”

ZRP X3 Product Guide

Made for rugged terrain.

Price: $999.00

Radius Rod Dog Bones 5/8” Set Of 3 

Strengthens up your rear bulkhead. 

Price: $219.00

Can-Am X3 Billet Door Handle Set 

Replaces pull straps.

Price: $69.00

Rear Shock Mount Brace Can-Am X3

Saves and protects against costly frame damage.

Price: $225.00

7075 X3 Capped Double Shear Rear Knuckle Can-Am X3

Ultimate strength added to middle radius rods. 

Price: $1,999.00

7075 X3 Front Double Shear Capped Knuckle Set Can-Am X3

ZRP X3 Product Guide

L & R double sheer front knuckle. 

Price: $2,999.00

Can-Am X3 Billet Shock Tower Brace 

Direct OEM bolt-on replacement. 

Price: $225.00 

Can-Am X3 Front Sway Bar Link Set (Fixed)

6061 Aluminum. 

Price: $250.00

Billet Rear Sway Bar Links X3 Fixed Length 

6061 Aluminum. 

Price: $250.00

ZRP #Billet Tee Grey 

ZRP X3 Product Guide

100% Combed ring spun cotton. 

Price: $18.00

ZRP Race Proven Hats 

Snap back.

Price: $35.00