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UTV Jack Buyer’s Guide


Are you looking for the best way to change a flat tire, replace a broken axle or repair a bent tie rod or radius rod out on the trail? Check our our UTV Jack Buyer’s Guide.

UTV Jack Buyer's Guide

UTV Jack Buyer’s Guide

AGM Electric Jack: $1,289

UTV Jack Buyer's Guide

The AGM electric jack will lift your rig off of the terra firma with virtually no effort. The easy one button operation is appreciated and the swivel base keeps the jack grounded in almost any type of angled terrain. The jacks power plant battery mount can be ordered to fit a Milwaukee or Dewalt battery pack. This eliminates the need to carry extra batteries for your repair tools and the electric jack. 

AGM Manual Jack: $882.12 

UTV Jack Buyer's Guide

The compact and lightweight AGM jack is a beautifully designed tool. It is a cheaper, lighter version of its AGM electric cousin. Engaging the jack is lightning quick with the use of a powered tool. Finally the size and weight make mounting this useful implement extremely easy. 

Pro Eagle Phoenix Co2 Air Jack: $399.99 

This lightweight, portable jack is made specifically to carry on UTV’s and other lightweight off road vehicles. It is operated by Co2 cartridges and comes with 4 cartridges total. It is supplied with a handy carrying case that can accomodate the jack and accessories. The brushed stainless steel construction makes it look great and ensures it will last for many rides.

Pro Eagle Phoenix DS CO2 AIR Jack: $459.99

The Phoenix DS sports a lower 8.5 inch retracted height  allowing it to be utilized in more varied situations. The telescopic design provides 17″ of lift height. The lower starting height makes the DS easier to slide under a vehicle with a flat tire. It also increases the amount of lift points on the vehicle, especially in uneven terrain. Jack includes Case, Regulator and 3×33 gram Co2 cartridges.

Pro Eagle “Talon” Big Wheel Offroad Jack: $419.99 

Any jack that comes with a skid plate is pretty cool in my book. The Pro Eagle Talon has that and much more. Not only is the talon a compact pump jack, the fast valving goes from fully collapsed to full extension in only 4 pumps! It also comes with an extension that allows the jack to extend from 8” up tp 2’ 4” of lift. The bomb proof construction includes solid axles and large non-pneumatic wheels.

King Screw Jack: $901.74 

If you find it necessary to remove a wheel on your UTV the King Screw Jack is a great option to get off the ground. The Jack comes in a simple and easy to use design. The jack doesn’t rely on hydraulic fluid to lift the machine. It is screw actuated, lifts up to 30” and is made to use with most cordless impacts.   

F-O-A Race Jack: $350.00 

The F-O-A Race Jack can lift about 18″ in height in mere seconds using any 1/2″ cordless impact. Once the vehicle is off the ground it makes for a fast, easy wheel change. The jack also has a large billet foot to ensure stability in the dirt or sand.

Radflo Hydra-Jac Lightweight Racing Jack: $505 

UTV Jack Buyer's Guide

Weighing in at only 13 lbs, and a collapsed length of only 37” this Radflo jack can be easily loaded or unloaded with relative ease. The small size also gives you more options to store or mount this product on your UTV. The jack has an adjustable platform and a generous 18” lift range that can lift most vehicles in around four pumps. Finally this jack is serviceable and rebuildable so it will be lifting you up for a while. 

Trayco The Mickster RaceJAK: $799.99 

UTV Jack Buyer's Guide

The Mickster RaceJAK has a monstrous 3,300 pound lifting capacity and can be set up in 8 lifting positions. It operates via a crank handle or with a power impact tool. It weighs 13 pounds, extends to 40” and collapses to 25.5”. This Trayco offering also comes with a 1 year maintenance program.

Tusk UTV Scissor Jack: $54.99 

The Tusk UTV Scissor Jack Kit is one of the most budget friendly jack options available. This versatile kit includes the scissor jack and UTV mounting hardware. It is made of high quality steel and the roll cage mounting hardware is aluminum. It is easy to use and can lift two tons off the ground. The height adjusts anywhere from 3.75″ to 18.25″.

Tuff Trail Gear Jack Daddy: $345.00 

Tuff Trail Gear Jack Daddy has a unique setup compared to most others. The Jack Daddy has 4 brackets that are installed on the rear shock mounts of a UTV. Getting the machine off the ground is as simple as attaching the unit to the mounts and driving up on the jack.

Quad Boss UTV Utility Jack: $90.99 

The Quad Boss UTV Utility jack is a sturdy tool made of heavy-duty all steel construction. It makes it a great implement for not only offroad duties but any job requiring up to 3,000 lbs of force. You can use it for any situation that require winching, hoisting or spreading. 

Cage WRX Tire Jack and mount: (Polaris RZR model) $139.99 

This affordable tire jack solution fits all Polaris RZR XP 1000 models including the 4 seaters. The 3,000 pound scissor jack and mount includes a quick pin disconnect, and all hardware to mount to the upper bed of your Polaris RZR XP 1000, XP4 1000, and XP Turbo. 

Hi-Lift UTV Jack: $128.31 

The Hi-Lift UTV Jack (36” model) weighs less than 30 lbs and was crafted for use with UTVs. It was designed with a gold zinc-coated winch/clamp/spreader attachment and the body is painted with black powder coat.The two piece handle and socket is durable and reliable not unlike the rest of the jack.

ProArmor Quick Shot Wheel Jack: (Can Am) $199.99 

If you are a BRP fan they feature a ProArmor Quickshot Wheel Jack that fits many Can Am UTV’s including the Defender, Maverick and Commander. This scissor jack will help you change a flat in a hurry. It features a slick spare tire mounting plate that keeps all the components in one place, and a large base on the jack for more stability.

Hornet Outdoors Quick Lift Jack: $199.95 

This lightweight product from Hornet Outdoors weighs in at a svelte 13 lbs and can lift up to 2,000 lbs.The Quick Lift jack can elevate anywhere from 6’ to 32’and features a 6” long tongue to solidly grab the underside of any machine. It operates with a cordless impact gun or hand crank.