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32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer’s Guide


32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer’s Guide

Words:  Lance Schwartz // Photos: Adam Campbell Photography & MFGs

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

Just a few short years ago, the concept of running a tire as tall as 32” on a UTV was unheard of.  Nowadays, you’re able to buy a new UTV, with a warranty, that’s equipped with 32” tires right from the factory!  How crazy is that?  When it comes to UTV tires, size does matter!  So, we’ve managed to sift through a barrage of tire offerings and deliver a substantial list of 32” + tires to help elevate your rig to the next level!

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Tusk Aramid Terrabite: 32x10x14, 32x10x15; $200  (www.rockymountainatvmc.com)

Features an 8 ply, DOT rated truck style tread pattern designed for high mileage wear.  An aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread offer traction and protection in dirt, sand, and rocks.

GBC Kanati Mongrel: 32x10x14, 32x10x15; $160 – $167 (www.gbcmotorsports.com)

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

Featuers a 10 ply, DOT compliant radial with an improved sidewall for improved puncture resistance and a smoother ride.

ITP Blackwater Evolution Radial:  32x11x15; $175  (www.itptires.com)

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

Designed and manufactured in the USA, this 8 ply radial features a non-directional “Tough Tread” rubber compound, designed for exceptional wear and abrasion resistance.  Proprietary “Sidewall Armor” helps protect the sidewall.

Sedona Rock-A-Billy Radial: 32x10x15; $167 (www.sedonatires.com)

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

This 8 ply, puncture resistant tire features a rim guard, integrated rock ejectors, and an aggressive tread compound for long life.  The side lugs help grip in all types of conditions.

ITP Ultracross R Spec Radial: 32x10x15; $159  (www.itptires.com)

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

Manufactured with an 8 ply carcass, this all-terrain tire is designed to meet the needs of UTV owners who frequent the sand, as well as slick rock.  It has a multi-surface and a non-directional tread design.

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer’s Guide

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

GBC Kanati Terra Master Radial: 32x10x14, 32x10x15, 33x10x15; $180-$204 (www.gbcmotorsports.com)

This 10 ply, DOT compliant tire is designed with an asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern.  With “Side A” mounted out, it excels in soft to intermediate terrain.  With “Side B” mounted out, intermediate to hard terrain is the focus.

BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3: 32x10x14, 32x10x15, ; $219-$226 (www.bfgoodrichtires.com)

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

One of the most iconic all-terrain tires is now available with a UTV specific tread compound.  This tire is designed to mud, crawl, and conquer everything in between, with plenty of engineering designed to make it comfortable and durable.

ITP Cryptid: 32x10x15; $189 (www.itptires.com)

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

Does your UTV frequent the mud?  If so, the 6 ply rated Cryptid is an excellent choice.  A durable rubber compound helps protect the tire, while the grooved center lug flings mud and debris as the tire spins.

ProArmor Crawler XG Radial: 32x10x14, 32x10x15; $250 (www.proarmor.com)

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

This 8 ply radial is designed with a soft rubber compound to excel in hard, rocky terrain like slick rock. The tread depth is .78” and features a puncture resistant tread.

Maxxis Roxxzilla Radial: 32x10x14, 35x10x14; $190-206 (www.maxxis.com)

This 8 ply radial is Maxxis’ premier rock crawling tire.  The stepped shoulder lugs and soft tread compound make this an excellent rock crawling tire.

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer’s Guide

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR2: 32×9.5×15; $299 (www.bfgoodrichtires.com)

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

The 3 ply KR2 has staggered shoulder blocks that help improve traction, with raised shoulder bars that help release compacted mud and soft soil.  Better yet, this tire is designed and manufactured in the USA!

System 3 Off-Road XTR370 X-Terrain Radial: 32X10x14, 32x10x15; $205-207 (www.system3offroad.com)

With an 8 ply carcass, the 10” wide tire features tread depths as deep as 1”.  The XTR370 features a multi-directional, all-terrain design.

EFX MotoVator Radial: 32X9.5×14, 32X9.5×15; $253-$260 (www.efxtires.com)

This 8 ply, DOT compliant radial utilizes light truck engineering to help deliver a smooth, quiet ride. An elongated shoulder improves high and low speed cornering, while the construction improves puncture resistance, safety, and performance.

System 3 Off-Road XTR350 X-Country Radial: 32X10x15, 35x10x15, 36x10x18; $208-$231 (www.system3offroad.com)

Available in sizes up to 36”, this 8 ply, DOT tire (except 36”) is manufactured with a medium compound, allowing the tire to flex and grab terrain.  The staggered should tread provides traction across the whole surface of the tire.

System 3 Off-Road RT320 Race & Trail Radial: 32X10x15, 33×9.5×15, 35×9.5×18; $218-$244 (www.system3offroad.com)

If your rig frequents the street and trails, this 8 ply DOT tire deserves a look.  Made with a high mileage compound, the non-directional tire is ideal for mixed terrain with a wide contact patch and pliant design.

EFX MotoHammer Radial: 32X10x15, 32x10x16 $240-260 (www.efxtires.com)

32 Inch UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

Designed specifically for hard packed terrain, this 8 ply DOT tire has the durability of a radial, with the grip of a soft compound.

System 3 Off-Road SS360 Sand & Snow: 32X10x15, 32x11x15 $182-195 (www.system3offroad.com)

If you love the sand (and snow), this lightweight 2 ply radial provides plenty of flotation to keep you on top of the sand…or snow!

Maxxis Maxxzilla Plus: 32X10x14; $187(www.maxxis.com)

The 6 ply rated Maxxzilla has a super-aggressive tread with deep lugs to help power through the deepest mud.  A special cone knob design helps the tires clean themselves to increase traction.

EFX MotoVator R/T Radial: 32X9.5×15; $264 (www.efxtires.com)

This is a lightweight version of the standard MotorVator tire.  It features an 8 ply, DOT compliant design with puncture resistance, with a high performance focus.

ITP Versa Cross Radial: 32X10x14; $188 (www.itptires.com)

With a super-deep rim guard, this 8 ply, DOT tire does a great job of protecting the wheel.  The non-directional tread pattern and rubber compound is designed to provide high performance on hard-packed terrain.  Best yet, it is designed and manufactured in the USA!

ITP Coyote Radial : 32X10x15, 33x10x15, 35x10x15; $198-227 (www.itptires.com)

The Coyote is designed for high horsepower UTV’s, this 8 ply, DOT tire is designed to ravage rough, hard-pack, gravel, and sandy terrain.  Most importantly, it’s designed and manufactured in the USA!

Tensor DSR33:  33x10x15; $300 (www.tensortire.com)

Weighing only 39.2lbs, the DSR33 is a purpose-built, lightweight UTV race tire.  The best news of all, it’s made in the USA!

Tensor Regulator Radial:  32x10x14, 32x10x15; $215-$226  (www.tensortire.com)

With 8 ply construction and DOT approval, this variable tread pattern delivers a smooth, quiet ride.

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