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HMF Racing Titan Blackout Exhaust 

Glorious sound and excellent fitment, the HMF Racing Titan Blackout Exhaust is a knockout. Some engines are just meant to be heard – like Honda’s 999cc parallel twin engine bolted into the Talon 1000R. In stock trim, the Honda’s exhaust has a decent tone, but is very muted and tinny. We enlisted the help of […]

HMF Racing YXZ1000R Performance Blackout Full Exhaust

THIS IS HOW A YXZ IS MEANT TO SOUND! Photos/Words: Cody Hooper Yamaha’s YXZ1000R gets a lot of seat time in our fleet. The naturally-aspirated YXZ may not get all of the headlines, but it sure delivers the punchlines – quick, agile, and incredibly rewarding to drive. In our efforts to turn the YXZ into […]