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Rugged Radios RRP242 Mobile Intercom Review

Powered by battery or 12V, this mobile intercom allows you and a passenger to converse just about anywhere. Here is our Rugged Radios RRP242 Mobile Intercom Review.

Rugged Radios RRP242 Mobile Intercom Review

Many of us enjoy UTV outings with someone in the passenger seat. Whether it’s a significant other, family member, friend, or kid, it’s nice to be able to chat along the ride. As UTVs become more popular, so do radio communication and intercom systems. Rugged Radios is a tried and true name in the coms industry, and as the owner describes, “If you want to talk where there’s loud ambient noise, we have you covered”. Most systems require hard-mounting and wiring the intercom into the vehicle, which is a very permanent solution, albeit the cleanest and most reliable one. For those looking for a less expensive, portable way to talk to a passenger, the RRP242 delivers.

In our line of work, we can be in and out of multiple UTVs in a single day, often times back-to-back for testing purposes. We have been putting some miles on our RRP242, first using it during a DP4 Offroad race in Johnson Valley, California. It allowed us to communicate with a passenger via helmet-mounted speakers and microphones (sold separately) no matter what car we were in.

Installation is quite simple: the RRP242 can be used with either two 9V batteries (not included), or the supplied 12V adapter. An auxiliary cord is included as well, allowing you to pump your own music into your headsets. When you or your passenger presses their PTT (Push To Talk) button on the radio or keys the mic via voice, the music will automatically fade to allow clear communication. It’s all very seamless and easy to use.

Rugged Radios RRP242 Mobile Intercom Review

Rugged’s RRP242 allows inter-passenger communication without the cost or commitment of a dash-mounted, hardwired system.

We found that using the VOX knob to fine-tune voice activation was easy, but we wish there was a way to lock the knob so it didn’t get bumped during the ride. Finding a spot to put the RRP242 is pretty easy in most UTVs, but we recommend buying a small bag or dust-resistant box to keep it clean on the trail. You will need to purchase cables separately, and we recommend rugged’s CS-OFF-6 cable. This 6 foot intercom cable is the perfect length to run from the RRP242 to your helmet lead. For the helmet speaker and microphone kit, we recommend Rugged’s HK-OFSP-AA Alpha Audio headset kit. It offers clear communications and easy installation, but we do recommend using a hot glue gun to secure the headset kit to the interior of the helmet.

Voice clarity is great with this little powerhouse, and it comes pre-wired to adapt to a 2 way radio, should you want to expand your communication capabilities to include other vehicles as well. Rugged Radios has a massive amount of options available, so visit their brand-new website linked below to shop by vehicle, use, industry, product type, or more. Their website makes finding parts easy, and their phone staff is always helpful. If you want to talk in loud ambient noise, this portable RRP242 intercom is worth every penny!

Price: RRP242 Intercom $349.00, CS-OFF-6 intercom cables $45.00 each, HK-OFSP-AA Offroad Wired Helmet communications kit $105.00 each
Manufacturer Website: www.RuggedRadios.com



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