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AIM MX UTV Dash Logger Review

The ability to properly monitor all of your UTV’s parameters in real-time may not be at the top of every driver’s needs list, but for the racers in the crowd, that information is paramount. OEM gauge clusters are getting more detailed as the years go by, but there is still a vast difference between the amount of information shown on a race display versus that of an OEM gauge cluster. Here’s our AIM MX UTV Dash Logger Review.

AIM MX UTV Dash Logger Review
An all-in-one data center for your UTV

AIM MX UTV Dash Logger Review
Enter AIM Sports, a company well-versed in racing data acquisition and display technology. AIM has put together a simple and effective data capturing solution for your UTV that allows you to see and log real-time data from the ECU’s own inputs. The AIM MX UTV dash also allows you to install and monitor auxiliary sensors, such as belt temp, differential temperatures, wideband O2, and whatever else you can think of. The basic kit starts at $599 and is available through a handful of race shops online. 

AIM Sports markets the MX UTV dash logger as “absolute freedom” when it comes to data acquisition. Specifically designed for the off-road market, the MX UTV plugs into your OEM electronics to receive signals from your UTV’s ECU. It also comes with an infrared sensor kit to monitor belt temperature. Note that you will have to drill a hole in your UTV’s plastic CVT cover to install the sensor. If you own a UTV that does not utilize a CVT (like the YXZ100R), the infrared sensor can be repurposed. The AIM MX UTV dash logger can capture the following signals from your UTV’s ECU:
AIM MX UTV Dash Logger Review An all-in-one data center for your UTV

Models  / Channels

Polaris RZR / Speed, RPM, Gear, ECT, TPS, Brake SW, Fuel rate

Polaris RZR Turbo / Speed, RPM, Gear, ECT, TPS, Brake SW, Fuel rate, Boost Pressure, Charge Air temp

Can-Am / Speed, RPM, Gear, ECT, TPS, Brake SW, Instant fuel flow

Can-Am Turbo / Speed, RPM, Gear, ECT, TPS, Brake SW, Instant fuel consumed, Boost pressure, Intake Air Temp

Yamaha YXZ 2016 / Speed, RPM, Gear, ECT

Yamaha YXZ 2017 / Speed, RPM, Gear, ECT, TPS, Brake SW

Arctic Cat Wildcat / Speed, RPM, Gear, ECT, TPS, Brake SW

(ECT* Engine Coolant Temp, TPS* Throttle Position Sensor, Brake SW* Brake Switch)

The MX UTV logger is customizable via laptop, and some settings can be changed on the device itself. There are two programmable RGB alarm LEDs that can be set to light up at warning and critical levels for any parameter. A horizontal tachometer displays RPM, with a 5-LED programmable multifunction bar across the top of the unit. These 5 LEDs can be programmed as either a progressive shift light/rev limit display or as a progress bar during GPS-linked lapping sessions. The AIM dash has built-in GPS data, which allows the unit to capture speed, position, time of the day, and lap times. Simply record a start position and do a full lap, and the AIM dash will save the GPS data into the device and start timing you.

The AIM dash is packaged with a RAM mount, which makes installation a breeze. Simply clamp it around the A pillar of your UTV, route the custom pigtail to the factory harness, and plug it in. The dash backlight can be adjusted and the color can be changed for customization. We installed ours on a Maverick X3 Turbo RR, which came with many OEM logging parameters pre-programmed.

The AIM dash did everything promised, without fuss. It is easy to read in the sun or in the dark, and the design of the display is clean and compact. Our one gripe with the unit itself is that the screen did take on moisture a couple of times after very rainy and humid days. After letting the unit dry out in the sun, there was no visible damage and it functions normally.

After datalogging, the AIM MX UTV dash logger can transmit data wirelessly to your PC, allowing you to view logs and ECU information without digging out cables. AIM’s Race Studio 3 software is extremely advanced, and it even allows you to overlay your data logs on top of GPS data. The opportunities for easy data capture and manipulation are plentiful with this kit, and all of it was easy to access in our time testing.

AIM’s MX UTV dash logger is also expandable! The unit comes with three ports: ECU, IR belt temp sensor, and other (lambda controller, HD camera). The last port can be wired directly to one of AIM’s accessories for further monitoring or video capturing capabilities. When coupled with AIM’s “SmartyCam HD”, the MX UTV can overlay vehicle data on top of video in real time.

After spending a few weeks with the AIM MX UTV dash logger, we can confidently say that this is a great first step into data logging for any UTV enthusiast. Whether you’re just trying to pay more careful attention to how your machine is running, or searching for that last 1/10th with your racing setup, the AIM MX UTV makes logging and interpreting data easy.

Price: $599
Manufacturer Website: www.AIMSports.com



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