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Segway’s Next High Performance UTV


As the EICMA 2023 International Motorcycle Exhibition gears up to kick off on November 7th, outdoor enthusiasts around the globe are eagerly anticipating an industry-redefining unveiling Segway’s Next High Performance UTV. After five years of innovation and refinement, Segway Powersports is poised to introduce a groundbreaking vehicle that will redefine the boundaries of adventure and performance. Here’s the next Segway UTV.

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Segway’s Next High Performance UTV

1. Technological Innovation:
Breaking away from the industry standard of conventional gasoline-powered systems, Segway is charting a new course by introducing the world’s first hybrid power system. This remarkable hybrid experience will open up new eco-friendly exploration avenues for adventure seekers.

2. Power Innovation:
This vehicle will feature a turbocharged powertrain and an all-new transmission system, setting the benchmark for industry performance. Its formidable power and outstanding control will undoubtedly crown it as the leader in the powersports industry.

3. Design Innovation:
Segway’s global design team has seamlessly blended practicality, intelligence, and remarkable craftsmanship to create a vehicle with unparalleled off-road capabilities, capable of conquering the toughest terrain around the globe. Segway is on the verge of redefining the future of adventure and performance through a innovative new product. November 7th will mark the Next-Gen unveiling at EICMA!

Segway's Next High Performance UTV


Since 2012, Segway-Ninebot has been dedicated to leading the innovation of short-
distance transportation and robotics. As a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D,

manufacturing, sales, and service, Segway-Ninebot owns over 1,000 basic core patents in
global industries which have been applied to products in multiple areas including

innovative mobility, robotics, and the powersports industry. A subsidiary of the Segway-
Ninebot Group, Segway Powersports shares the Segway mission, to infuse technology

into innovative products that “simplify the movement of people and objects” and adhere to
the motto “Fear No Place.”