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Tire Pressure Tips

September 1, 2022 by  
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Tire pressure is an often overlooked facet that can determine your ride quality, as the various characteristics of its settings can have an outsized effect on the rest of the suspension system –– most notably, when riding in the sand. As we all prepare for Sand Season, here are a few Tire Pressure Tips from […]

2023 Honda Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew

Since its 2016 introduction, the Pioneer 1000 has set the bar in terms of technology and performance in a flagship multipurpose side-by-side. For the 2023 model year, Honda makes the platform even more versatile, expanding the family with the introduction of the 2023 Honda Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew—a highly anticipated longer, roomier version that is […]

Reasons Your UTV Needs Limit Straps

If you’re familiar with UTVs, you’ve most likely recognized the noise that comes from your shocks when the suspension drops out and the full weight of the tire, wheel, and suspension hangs off the shock. When that happens, the shock tops out, and you hear that tell-tale ‘clunk.’ Here are the Reasons Your UTV Needs […]

The Importance of Adjusting Your Ride Height

July 20, 2022 by  
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Fundamentally, ride height is the distance between the skid plate and the ground on your vehicle (also known as ground clearance). Because you’ll most likely need to adjust it at some point –– even if you only ever run with stock suspension –– you might as well familiarize yourself with why & when you might […]

How To Buy A Good Used UTV?

July 10, 2020 by  
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How To Buy A Good Used UTV? Check this guide before you buy… Story: Casey Cordeiro You might be saying, “how do I know if I’m buying a good used UTV?” There are several things that can lead you in the right direction when you are looking on the used market, and we hope to […]

Fit 30’s on an RZR XP

June 2, 2013 by  
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With the tires coming from the aftermarket getting larger and larger, we sometimes find the need to make more clearance for the big rubber. We recently installed a set of 30” tires on our RZR 4 and had to open up the fenders in the front to make room so they didn’t rub. The process […]


August 27, 2011 by  
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Which suspension system to buy and how to dial it in once it’s installed!   So, you’ve gone out and bought the most exciting UTV you could find, and to complement it, you, of course, subscribed to UTV Off-Road Magazine to help you spend your hard earned money, right? Well, one of the best ways to […]