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Top 25 Desert & Dune Products


Top 25 Desert & Dune Products: Get Ready To Drive With This Great Gear

Story: Casey Cordeiro // Photos: Courtesy of the Manufacturers

Top 25 Desert & Dune Products

If you haven’t noticed already, desert and dune season is upon us! Each new season brings about new vehicles, new fun times to be had, and, of course, new innovations from aftermarket accessory manufacturers from around the world. While there aren’t a ton of new innovations this year, the 2019 dune and desert aftermarket products have been refined to be more quality-driven and performance-driven than ever before. Manufacturers are stepping up their game to compete in the ever-expanding world of UTVs. We are here to bring you the latest crop of innovations for all types of side-by-side vehicles.


Top 25 Desert & Dune Products


1.) Weller Racing’s new Yamaha YXZ1000R exhaust system

Top 25 Desert & Dune Products

Weller Racing is always innovating with more go-fast parts for all types of side-by-sides. This year, they have re-tooled their exhaust offerings and have come up with their latest YXZ1000R exhaust design, which is said to keep the performance gains with an even better sound. With a unique look and signature YXZ 3-cylinder sound whaling, this is sure to be a popular exhaust system on YXZ’s.

Website: https://www.wellerracing.com/Yamaha-YXZ1000R-WR-Edition-Full-Dual-Exhaust-System_p_3546.html


2.) Yamaha’s GYTR Turbo kit

Top 25 Desert & Dune Products

For the 2019 model year, Yamaha incorporated some serious changes into the YXZ1000R, and all of those changes have proven to be well received by the public. In conjunction with this new model release, Yamaha also unveiled a revamped GYTR Turbo kit for the YXZ1000R. It’s said to increase power by about 60%, with more left in the tank for those who want to pump it up even further. You can physically see so many of the top quality parts used throughout this system. And, you can buy it straight off the Yamaha Accessories website if you’d like. Look for a full review of this system elsewhere in this issue.

Website: https://www.shopyamaha.com/product/details/gytr-turbo-kit-for-yxz1000r-ss-b5j-h?b=Side-By-Side+Accessories&d=2&f=2020|309&ls=yamaha-motor-company


3.) Jackson Racing’s Honda Talon Turbo kit

Top 25 Desert & Dune Products

We couldn’t put Yamaha’s YXZ Turbo kit in here without also including the Honda Talon Turbo kit, which is built by Honda’s partner company, Jackson Racing. This new kit is available in late fall 2019 from Honda dealers nationwide, and it, like the YXZ1000R, is said to increase the power by about 60% over stock. Look for a full review of this vehicle elsewhere in this issue for all the details!

Website: https://jacksonracing.com


4.) Rugged Radios – Complete Radio Kits for Talon, YXZ1000R, Maverick X3 models, Polaris RZR models, Kawasaki KRX models, and more

Top 25 Desert & Dune Products

As a leader in the mobile radio market, Rugged Radios has found a way to simplify the purchasing process by assembling all-in-one kits for many of the sport UTVs on the market. These kits include the radio, intercom, all necessary wiring, your helmet headsets, antennas, and everything else for your vehicle. Simple, Easy, Effective!

Website: https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=special_categories&cPath=1489


5.) Bell Helmets Eliminator helmet

Top 25 Desert & Dune Products

Bell recently got into the market of making helmets specifically for UTVs. These are unique in that they have pumper system hook-ups built into the helmet, they all come with a dust skirt, and some have specific shields to protect your eyes and face from the elements (or the roost that your buddies are putting up!). The Eliminator is the latest in their lineup of helmets, and it’s got an old-school look that is sure to please.

Website: https://www.bellhelmets.com/motorcycle/p/eliminator-forced-air-side-by-side-helmet


6.) Baja Designs S1 lights

Top 25 Desert & Dune Products

Brand new to the market, Baja Designs has released an ultra compact LED light that can literally go anywhere. It’s made with high grade components, like a 20W LED and Baja Design’s proprietary componentry. The S1 is built to be bright but also focused. You can get this light in several different patterns, as a pair pack with two lights or as a single light option, and so much more.

Website: https://www.bajadesigns.com


7.) KLIM UTV driving suit

Top 25 Desert & Dune Products

Drawing a line in between a full race suit and a shorts/t-shirt getup, KLIM introduced this UTV driving suit to the masses. It’s not made to race specs, but it is made to handle the harsh sand and desert environments with a tough outer layer design. The design is a full suit layout in an effort to keep all of the outside elements off of your body. Simply unzip it when you get home and voila, you’re ready for the campfire.

Website: https://www.klim.com/Terra-firma-Dust-Suit-3897-000


8.) HCR Racing’s Kawasaki KRX1000 long travel kit

HCR Racing’s Kawasaki KRX1000 long travel kit

Having just been released onto the market, the Kawasaki Teryx KRX1000 is one of the most talked-about vehicles of 2019. So, it is expected that this much anticipation would lead to a full fledged aftermarket effort to make parts. HCR Racing is one of the first to debut new hard parts for the KRX, and theirs is in the form of a 72” wide long travel kit. The kit comes with everything you need to make the KRX a full blown, desert whoop eating machine.

Website: https://hcrracing.com/products/kawasaki-teryx-krx-1000


9.) K&T Performance Kawasaki KRX1000 Turbo kit

K&T Performance Kawasaki KRX1000 Turbo kit

We’ll stick with the Kawasaki Teryx KRX1000 for a minute… Instead of suspension, this time we are talking motor mods! K&T Performance, which is an aftermarket go-fast company based out of Utah, is going to be the official supplier of the KRX1000’s Turbo Kit. An exact release is still TBD, but we wanted to give you the heads up that this engine performance kit will be available soon. For the desert and dune riders out there, this Turbo kit will definitely be one of the most sought after modifications for the all-new KRX1000.

Website: https://ktperformance.com


10.) Icon Alloys’ new UTV wheels

Icon Alloys’ new UTV wheels

Known for their truck and SUV suspension systems more than anything else, Icon Vehicle Dynamics has been steadily making their way into the wheel space (for trucks and SUVs) over the past couple of years with their Icon Alloys brand. Now, they have just released a UTV-specific wheel. Two different bolt patterns are available to fit all of the latest UTVs on the market. Expect these wheel options to be shipping to dealers everywhere now.

Website: http://iconvehicledynamics.com/shop/iconalloys-wheels/1454-utv-spec-compression-15-bronze-finish.html


Top 25 Desert & Dune Products


11.) FXR Racing’s 6D helmet

FXR Racing’s 6D helmet

FXR Racing has been coming on incredibly strong in the gear market, and they have a new helmet line that will fit right into the UTV market as well. FXR has partnered up with 6D to bring one of the most respected helmet brands into their arsenal with FXR-specific graphics. All of the same notorious 6D, life-saving technology is built into these helmets. All UTV drivers should be wearing helmets, whether its a law in your state or not, and these are great crossover helmets that you can use on two wheels or four.

Website: https://fxrracing.com/pages/moto


12.) Simpson UTV Seats

Simpson UTV Seats

Simpson has been in the safety game for many years, and they have also been making UTV seats that are regarded as some of the most comfortable and long lasting in the industry. The bolstering built into these seats is just the right amount of containment, yet not too much to make it hard to get into the vehicle. Many color options and patterns are available to customize a set for your needs.

Website: https://simpsonraceproducts.com/shop-by-product/simpson-utv-and-off-road-seats/


13.) Viair On-Board Air pumps

Viair On-Board Air pumps

Have you ever been stranded in the middle of the desert with no backup air pump to get you out of a bind? Having an on-board air system is truly a great way to go, especially when you’re in a bind and far from any services. Wurton has been building air pumps for many years, and their universal fitment, 12V powering, and compactness make these small air pumps perfect to have with you on any ride. Always be prepared.

Website: https://www.viaircorp.com


14.) Spare tire holder, Kawasaki Teryx KRX1000

HCR Racing’s Kawasaki KRX1000 long travel kit

For any side-by-side that you are going to take on an extended off-road adventure, or for just the journeys around camp, it is always a smart idea to have a spare tire on board your vehicle. Many aftermarket manufacturers make spare tire holders, and Kawasaki’s accessory division just unveiled their all-new spare tire holder for the all-new KRX1000. The best part about this setup is it allows you to still utilize the cargo area.

Website: https://www.kawasaki.com/accessories/item/rear-cargotire-rack/999941321


15.) KSH aluminum boxes for spare parts in your side-by-side

KSH aluminum boxes for spare parts in your side-by-side

KSH has been making storage boxes for several years now, and they have applications for Polaris RZR’s and Can-Am Maverick X3’s. The lockable aluminum storage boxes are diamond plate on the outside, and they come with mounting hardware to securely attach the box to the cargo bed of your UTV. They are built strong, with a gas shock on the inside to lift the lid. The top of them is so stout that it will hold a spare tire. Nifty!

Website: https://kshmarine.com/utv-storage/


16.) S3 powersports Can-Am full front bracing kit

S3 powersports Can-Am full front bracing kit

The Can-AM Maverick X3 is known to be a stout vehicle, but the single shear connections on the front end are a weak point in the chassis. S3 makes all kinds of parts for the X3, but this front end gusset kit eliminates the need for you to worry about the front end having issues when out on the trail.

Website: https://s3powersports.com


17.) Joker Machine RotopaX spare fuel holder

Joker Machine RotopaX spare fuel holder

Ever need to carry extra fuel with you on trips? Already have RotopaX fuel containers but unsatisfied with the mount that they come with? Joker Machine has your precision-machined, aluminum mounting solution. You can get it in multiple tube sizes, and it comes with the hardware necessary to connect the outer mount of the RotopaX system.

Website: https://jokermachine.com


18.) Pro Eagle’s new CO2 jack

Pro Eagle’s new CO2 jack

Known for their off-road ready jacks, Pro Eagle is expanding their product line with an innovative new product that is lightweight and easily carried on the vehicle itself. CO2 bottles serve as the primary source of inflation for the jack itself. And, the stable landing of the jack allows it to be used in many different types of terrain. Look for the product line to keep evolving in Pro Eagle’s catalog.

Website: https://www.proeagle.com

19.) Pyramid LED lighted whips

Pyramid LED lighted whips

Having a whip flag is essential in the duning areas around America, mainly because it is the law to have one, but also because whip flags greatly improve your vehicle’s visibility to other riders. Lighted whip flags are all the rage these days, and companies, like Pyramid LED whips, are innovating with Bluetooth applications and multiple colors to customize your whips. With low amp draw and high output, Pyramid makes one of the most unique whips on the market, and their quality and customer support are really top-notch.

Website: https://pyramidledwhips.com


20.) System 3 Offroad’s new SS360 sand tires

System 3 Offroad’s new SS360 sand tires

System 3 has just unveiled their latest sand tire, the SS360, and it includes a very unique tread pattern. It’s a cross-hatched pattern that is supposed to provide excellent forward bite, while also being great for turning. With several different sizes and applications for both the front and rear tires, these new System 3 sand tires should be on your shopping list.

Website: https://system3offroad.com


21.) Fullerton Sand Sports new Sand Sports Side By Side sand tires

Fullerton Sand Sports new Sand Sports Side By Side sand tires

Fullerton Sand Sports is a business with a rich history in the sand tire market, and their knowledge and expertise shows with their UTV-specific sand tire offerings. The Sand Sports SXS tire is specifically built for today’s high horsepower machines. After years and years of perfecting this tire, the crew at Fullerton have specific applications for specific models of UTV’s, giving you the best bang for your buck.

Website: https://www.fullertonsandsports.com


22.) HMF Racing Exhausts

HMF Racing Exhausts

Known for their colorful exhausts and throaty sound output, HMF exhausts are some of the most popular exhausts in the industry. Not only are they available in multiple colors,

which allows you to customize your vehicle beyond the normal, but these exhausts are all Made in America and ready for abuse.

Website: https://www.hmfracing.com


23.) SuperATV products

SuperATV products

Offering a plethora of aftermarket parts in their extensive catalog, SuperATV is at the forefront of design and development in the ATV and UTV parts worlds. One of their best

products that we want to highlight are their windshields, which feature easy installation and long lasting durability. An upgrade like a windshield also provides drivers and

passengers with more protection for the trails.

Website: https://www.superatv.com


24.) Assault Trailers – the foldaway storage solution

Assault Trailers - the foldaway storage solution

Are you short on space and need a trailer that can stow away in your garage? I really didn’t think it could be done, but Assault has made a fold-up trailer that can haul a full

size UTV. Assault Trailers have officially gone into production, and they are aluminum trailers that fold up to neatly stow upright in your garage. A single axle and simple but

strong construction make these unique in the industry, especially if you need a trailer solution and don’t want to pay for extra storage space.

Website: https://assaulttrailersusa.com


25.) KWT Prefilter Particle Separator

KWT Prefilter Particle Separator

KWT might be new on the block, but the company has a rich history in manufacturing. Their new KWT prefilter particle separators are made to extend the life of your air filters

while also pre-cleaning dusty air before it ever reaches your air filter. With easy mounting and a fairly compact package, KWT is a go-to source for all of your particle separator needs.

Website: https://www.kwtfilters.com