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June/July 2012 Vol. 7 Issue 7

THE KING IS BACK - The King of the Hammers race is back and bigger than ever for UTVs.  This year a staggering thirty-nine UTVs would battle it out in what is becoming the ultimate race to endure for machines and racers.
RIDE HARD, RIDE FAST, RIDE NOW - When you feel the need for speed, how about adding some boost into your life or your RZR. What kind of numbers are we talking about?  How about 165 hp of pure adrenaline.
PERFORMANCE GUIDE - We know you want it and its out there.  We put together a guide of top performance upgrades to be added before your next outing with your friends or family.
HIGH & MIGHTY TUNDRA TERYX - All UTVs are created equal, but not all stay equal.  Check out Jon Crowley’s Teryx4.  His is bigger and better than yours.
HIGH LIFTER MUD NATIONALS - When it’s time to get muddy and spend some time with your friends, Texas is the only place to go for the sloppiest of good times.  Crazy mud machines with ear-pounding sounds and a week that you will never forget happens only at the High Lifter Mud Nationals.
SUSPENSION GUIDE - It goes without saying that a good suspension makes all the difference in the world while out on the trails.  Basic components like shocks or even springs can make it or break it.

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