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The all-new, super-tough Defender 6×6 DPS HD10

June 13, 2019 by  
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The all-new, super-tough Defender 6×6 DPS HD10 arrives with a herculean attitude, incomparable adaptability
and heavy-duty configuration, making it the instant workhorse of the family and an ideal hunting companion.
The muscular 6×6, complete with a durable reinforced transmission and the new more powerful HD10 Rotax
engine, is a true taskmaster capable of towing up to a leading 3,000-lbs. capacity. Combining the exceptional
power and torque with the Multi-traction mode (4×4 and true 6×6) means unbeatable traction and floatability
for maneuvering across rugged terrain even with a load.

The Defender 6×6 has the inner brawn to tackle challenging jobs and terrain, but it’s the vehicle’s clever and
adaptable design that takes versatility to the next level. The enormous cargo bed (4.5ft x 6ft) offers double the
loading capacity over the regular Defender cargo box. The convertible cargo box design includes removable
sides, offering a flatbed setup in seconds. This gives owners the ability to change the configuration to match
the load.




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