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FASTLAB UTV Can-Am X3 Reinforced Fan Shroud

Product Spotlight: FASTLAB UTV Can-Am X3 Reinforced Fan Shroud
Help strengthen the front end of your Can-Am while adding style points

FASTLAB UTV Can-Am X3 Reinforced Fan Shroud

Part of the fun of owning a UTV is being able to modify it any way you see fit. Some mods are to make the car faster, some safer, and some are preventative upgrades to avoid parts failure down the road. This beefed-up fan shroud from Fastlab UTV strengthens a weak spot in the X3’s front end, adding radiator protection as well as bracing to the front suspension, all in one bolt-on unit. It is available in four colors, retails for $399.99, and can be found at www.FastlabUTV.com.

Fastlab UTV has been making a splash on the scene recently with some unique, well thought-out parts. This X3 reinforced fan shroud is a unique bolt-on that adds a little bling and a lot of strength. The factory Can-Am fan shroud is plastic, like most fan shrouds. However, it mounts to the front A-arm bulkhead and the top of the shock tower. Having the radiator and fan shroud tied into the suspension is great for packaging constraints, but does pose quite a bit of potential for damage should one take a decent hit to the front end in their X3. 

FASTLAB UTV Can-Am X3 Reinforced Fan Shroud

The CNC-cut steel plate fan shroud is reinforced to add rigidity to this crucial area, which could save you a radiator and fan in case of an oops on the trail. Fastlab’s website lists the tools needed and has a clear, concise install video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS7qJk5NtUs&t=3s). The installation is fairly easy, especially with the front bodywork removed for access. The most difficult part is draining and refilling the coolant, so make sure you have buckets on hand. 

Fastlab’s X3 reinforced fan shroud is a cool product that offers great radiator protection. It fits all Can-Am X3 models 2017 & up, and is available direct from Fastlab’s website!

FASTLAB UTV Can-Am X3 Reinforced Fan Shroud



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