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SDi E-CLIK UTV Suspension

SDi E-CLIK UTV Suspension. A “Suspension Without Compromise”. The E-CLIK system is the first to bring intelligent, active suspension to the aftermarket. It incorporates proprietary technology and tuning to deliver the perfect ride and control across any terrain. Whether it’s Desert, Dunes, or Trails, nothing stands in your way. It is Suspension Without Compromise.

SDi E-CLIK Systems Overview

SDi E-CLIK UTV Suspension

Originally released for Jeep JLs & JKs in October of 2020, E-CLIK is the first and only full proportional active suspension system for Jeep owners. Now, SDi aims to bring this technology to SxS suspension, retrofitting existing Walker Evans and FOX shocks, allowing it to be installed on the best SxS, the one you already own.

E-CLIK PRO for SxS ($2599)

– 12 independent sensors calculate vehicle movements and driver inputs, sending messages to the SDi ECU 250 times per second, which automatically adjusts compression circuits on each shock, independently, based on real-time terrain and driving conditions. This is the fastest adjustment time in the industry.

– Patent-pending E-valve proportional valves (Walker Evans), or Live Valves (Fox) provide near-instant data-led setting changes.

    • – Includes in-cab Touch Screen Controller with three modes to adjust base shock settings. o Cloud – Excels in slower trail riding and rock crawling Giving a soft, comfortable ride without sacrificing body control
    • o Dune – Shines in extreme transitions. The ECU senses G-Outs and stiffens the front, then the rear at the perfect time making bottom outs a thing of the past.
    • o Race – For when you need to crank things up a notch for high-speed action. More reactive to terrain and driver input for precise handling and control.
    • o Your SxS setup is as unique as you – E-CLIK allows you to independently adjust front and rear shock stiffness, and rear load compensation.
    • – Patent pending PRO menu also allows you to adjust the way the system reacts to every driving condition o Pitch Sensitivity
    • o Roll Sensitivity
    • o Turn Sensitivity
    • o Throttle Sensitivity
    • o Brake Sensitivity
    • E-CLIK is the only intelligent aftermarket suspension system designed to be retrofitted onto FOX and Walker Evans shocks.
    • Requires installation and a shock revalve at SDi or a trained authorized center

SDi E-CLIK systems will be available for installation at SDi or an authorized SDi dealer Spring 2021

Learn more at www.eclikshocks.com



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