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RZR Sunday Strolls: Chad Ochocinco

Introducing Polaris RZR’s all-new video series featuring five-time Off-Road Racing Champion RJ Anderson. In its Sunday Strolls seriesPolaris introduces four of the toughest athletes to side-by-sides by gearing them up and letting them ride shotgun as RJ pushes the limits in a RZR Pro R at LACR. Here is RZR Sunday Strolls: Chad Ochocinco.

RZR Sunday Strolls: Chad Ochocinco

RZR Sunday Strolls: Chad Ochocinco

Today the series kicks off with former NFL Wide Receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Known for his toughness and out-going personality, Ochocinco was grinning ear-to-ear as he strapped in next to RJ. With the machine fully outfitted with cameras and audio, as well as a full crew working trackside – not a moment was missed during his exciting first ride experience.

Sunday Strolls Episode 1: Chad Ochocinco 



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