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New System 3 Mud Trail UTV Tire

By combining two high-performance tire designs, System 3 Off-Road has created the new XT400, a mud-trail hybrid tire that delivers extreme trail traction. The New System 3 Mud Trail UTV Tire, the XT400, combines the radial carcass of the rugged XTR370 tire with the mud-ready tread design of the XM tire line.

New System 3 Mud Trail UTV Tire

System 3’s new XT400 tire features a 10-ply rated radial carcass and 10-inch wide footprint, with multi-stage lugs up to 2.0 inches deep. The tire’s aggressive shoulder setup gives drivers powerful traction and control through deep ruts and loose terrain. And a deep rim guard protects wheel lips and helps avoid pinch flats.

The XT400 is available for both ATVs and UTVs, in sizes from 27-inch for 14-inch wheels up to 40-inch tires for 24-inch wheels. Suggested retail pricing for XT400 tires ranges from $221 to $383.

New System 3 Mud Trail UTV Tire


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